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How to endure a heat without harm for health?

of Heat do harm to health and promotes immunity easing. To endure a heat it is comfortable and without consequences for health it is possible if to follow the listed below rules of conduct.

In hot weather needs to drink enough liquid (at everyone requirement of consumption the), but it is worth remembering that at its shortcoming kidneys suffer, work of a brain worsens. At surplus work of kidneys amplifies, the bladder is irritated, heart works with loading.

It is useful to drink water of room temperature, to drink slowly, small drinks. You should not abuse mineral water, it is useful, but in small amounts.

Sweet drinks to an organism give instant relief, but their action short-term and subsequently they increase thirst.

Kvass, a berry fruit drink, herbal teas, green tea, simple water with addition of a lemon is useful.

Alcoholic drinks during a heat have to be under a ban as they dehydrate an organism.

It is desirable for coffee to exclude from - for loads of heart or to try to reduce its use to a minimum.

During a heat it is desirable to eat in the small portions, but it is frequent. The greasy high-calorie food, rich broths, fried meat, sausage, sausages, fancy bread give to an organism a lot of energy which is necessary for heating of an organism in the winter, and absolutely inopportunely in the summer. Therefore during a heat fasting days will not prevent.

Hot dishes, smoked production, a pickles cause thirst. It is worth limiting or excluding their use.

To compensate liquid loss, do not refuse first courses, prepare the second in a semi-fluid look (with low-fat sauces).

Instead of sugar use sweet fresh fruit, but do not use them for the night and eat in small amounts as after plentiful reception they begin “to wander“.

Vegetables and greens will provide an organism with vitamins, mineral salts which are lost during a heat in the form of sweat. Cucumbers, tomatoes, and vegetable marrows containing a large amount of water are useful not only supply an organism with liquid, but also take away excess heat.

Use low-fat grades of meat, seafood, fermented milk products with low fat content. Okroshka on kvass or kefir is useful.

As we are ready for a natural rhythm of Earth, sharp transition from a heat to cold makes shock impact on an organism. If you use the conditioner, use it within limits.

That there were no problems with blood circulation, refuse hard belts, bracelets, hours, rings.

Refuse for a while use of all cosmetics - so it will be easier for your skin “to breathe“.

Do not worry. Each person noticed for himself that during nervousness we sweat more. Stress - release of adrenaline and increase in glutinosity of blood plates that is hazardous to health.

You wear clothes cotton or linen (it passes air and absorbs sweat), whenever possible light tones. Do not put on synthetics and skintight clothes (air has to circulate freely under clothes). You carry a headdress from the breathing material of a light shade (dark colors attract sunshine).

The footwear has to be open and not interfere with free access of air to legs.

Clean carpets the apartment. In the summer more dust accumulates, and carpets prevent to do damp cleaning.

Try to use less often the mobile phone and household appliances. All household appliances emit thermal energy.

Too it is desirable to lower sports loadings. You should not load during a heat the organism and active physical work.

Try to go more on the ground, but not on asphalt. Dark asphalt attracts sunshine under the influence of which the asphalt concrete covering allocates harmful evaporations.

After hot day the person needs good rest and a full-fledged dream.

I wish all vigorous mood and good health!