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And you flew on “Agriculturial aeroplane“?

of An - 2 (“Agriculturial aeroplane“, “Annushka“ - colloquial) - the Soviet light multi-purpose plane, a piston single-motor biplane with a raschalochny wing. In 70 - e years of the last century I several times on “Agriculturial aeroplane“ flew from Yerevan to the regional center Sisian. Peculiar feelings - unforgettable.

- This time depart by plane, - the father says to us, - why five hours to go by the stuffy bus? By plane reach in forty minutes.

The father on “Victory“ is lucky us in the airport.

- The father we go by the airport, - we notice.

- We go to other airport: small, from there by the small plane it is possible to reach to the different cities of the republic.

We come, the father goes to cash desk, and we go to the field, there are small planes darkly - green color. On such we did not fly yet and did not see earlier.

- It is An - 2, or “Agriculturial aeroplane“, with its help corn fields sprayed. Corn fields became flight, and now An - 2 use for transportation of passengers, - the father explains.

We approach the plane, the door is open, the pilot from salon takes out a ladder. Passengers climb steps - them, apparently, only three. In salon there are no chairs: two long shops on both parties. On shops paint put dividing lines and numbers of places: only twelve. Everyone takes the place, and the baggage puts under a shop. If the baggage is not located under a seat, then it is left in pass. The pilot looks at passengers: all places are taken, in pass there is an empty seat. It does someone a sign by a hand. It is given two boxes. The pilot puts them in pass and closes a door.

- Only forty minutes of flight, - the man sitting opposite to us comments. He can decided that children need to be encouraged. Children (us) three, and we with mother.

Pilots two, their cabin is not closed. The plane easily takes off, a little bit later in salon becomes stuffy. Really the ventilyantion does not work? I look around. On the big plane it is possible to twist gates and to turn a stream of fresh air in the party.

- The sun roast, summer and we fly over the valley, - the man explains.

Sometimes we feel as on a swing: ooh, we fall, again we fly up.

- The air hole, - smiles the man.

And the big plane gets to an air hole, but it slowly falls: the chair as if leaves and gains height: as if pressing into a chair. In “Agriculturial aeroplane“ everything occurs quickly: fell, flew up - it easy, but it is unpleasant to the passenger. From such breakthroughs in stuffy salon of many rocks to sleep and therefore on shops lie dark-green paper packages.

There is not a lot of windows, but near us is - I look in a window.

- Under us mountains, - the man specifies, - will become more cool soon.

Validly in salon it became more cool, so there is an inflow of fresh air. I look in a window, but from above everything looks somehow in a different way or a window a little? Not to make out everything, and there is a wish. The pilot looks at the man and smiles, maybe, they are familiar.

- There were ten minutes, - the pilot says.

After a while I look in a window. Under us the river, appears then the field, we fly by over a white cloth. “Agriculturial aeroplane“ is developed and decreases, easily concerns the earth, slightly passes and stops. The pilot opens a door, near the plane there are people. It gives someone boxes and lowers a ladder. We leave. Boxes have a woman in a white apron, she someone asks to help, and they drag boxes on a rope.

- She is a shop assistant of ice cream! - I guess.

- To us in this party, - mother says and conducts us across the field.

We go through the field to the uncle`s house, their kitchen garden in the neighbourhood with an airfield. We enter a gate.

- Who arrived to us on a visit! - the aunt exclaims and addresses me. - Ice cream was brought?

- What ice cream? - I am surprised. - Ah yes, these boxes were on the plane.

- Taku left behind ice cream, - the aunt says about the daughter.

Kitchen gardens of neighbors are divided by a grid.

- I put coffee, now Takui will return with ice cream, - the aunt addresses the neigbour.

- But us there is a lot of, will be enough for all? - quietly I ask.

- The shop assistant gives ten pieces, usually it is small eskimoes on a stick.

We go to the house. The aunt hurries to deliver to coffee, and we run to drink waters to the crane.

- Water very cold, - warns the aunt, - drink slowly, small drinks. To ache for want of habit not for long.

Taku came with ice cream. But we after the plane like sour matsun, not ice cream. We will eat ice cream tomorrow and the whole other days - planes fly every day.

The neigbour bears a plate of strawberry. The uncle from a garden brought sweet cherry.

- Dig red currant, - the aunt says to it.

- Children to themselves will dig: currant and gooseberry at the end of a kitchen garden, - the uncle says to us.

Here we not on a visit, and houses. It is the house of the grandmother. Everything is familiar here, the glazed verandah is loved since the childhood: creaking wooden floors, big ottoman, reproductions of the pictures “Moonlight Night“ and “Unknown“. Three steps of a porch conduct to the yard. On the right atsatun, in it a toner, a swing for an unleavened wheat cake and a milkchurn. Farther the shed - at the uncle is a cow.

- We have oil, cheese and matsun, - is proud the aunt speaks.

They have bees and medical. Here fruit and vegetables tasty - can, air and water to that the reason. In a garden the hammock hangs and suddenly at once all want in it is mute to lie down.

Mother drives us to a mineral source in the mornings. The uncle will organize games in a schoolyard: he teaches physical culture - the schoolhouse opposite to their house.

Vacation flies by quickly... The uncle follows tickets early in the morning. Flights can be two or three. Planes do not fly if it is windy also a heat +30. I look in the field: there lay a big white cloth which to pilots serves as a reference point of the beginning of the field. The roar of “Agriculturial aeroplane“ is heard. Here it seemed in the distance, flies by over the field, reaches the opposite mountain, is developed and sits down. The uncle comes back with tickets. We go through the field to “Agriculturial aeroplane“. The people crowd at the plane, the pilot lowers a ladder. Passengers rise in salon, take the places. The pilot brings empty boxes from - under frozen and closes a door.

In this flight all on the contrary: at first in salon it is cool and when we fly up to the valley, it becomes stuffy. The plane sits down according to the schedule. We go out of the plane. Very hot, we are met by the father. Home we will go on our “Victory“.