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Who such Belbog and Chernobog in Slavic mythology?

In traditional thinking of ancient Slavs the world is uniform. On their representations Belbog and Chernobog are Uniform Rod`s forms. Belbog and Chernobog are in a condition of continuous rivalry, but not one of them will never be able to win. Researchers of old Slavic beliefs disperse in treatment of a role of these gods on outlook of Slavs.

Unlike antique and east mythology, written primary sources of Old Slavic mythology are absent. Therefore the reconstructed concepts about outlook and beliefs of Slavs are full of contradictions.

The experts studying pervobog adhere to various points of view. The majority give preference to Belbogu - as to a symbol of Light and Good, other Chernoboga expose into the forefront. Many speak about irreconcilable hostility of these gods. The third consider that Belbog and Chernobog - not enemies, and initially are in a condition of continuous rivalry which is caused by eternity of the universe.

To Christianity the Old Slavic outlook was characterized by the term “paganism“ which comes from the Church Slavonic word “people“. Now “paganism“ in scientific literature is replaced with the term “ethnic culture“.

The paganism for our far ancestors had rather a character spiritually - moral culture, than religious. Are its cornerstone worship of omnific forces of nature which for the Slavic person are the benefit, good, beauty.

The paganism was forced out by official church to the area of national culture, and on the other hand, the part of pagan holidays was included in number of Christian holidays.

One of large experts in B. A paganism. Fishermen believes that Slavs put occasional offices to ghouls and bereginyam which represented two beginnings - angry and kind, hostile to the person and preserving him. Many spells of those times came to an end with words that it is necessary to pray to Belbogu, and Chernoboga not to angering.

The highest forces at Slavs were presented by concept about Rodya. It was not just God as experts consider, and most likely the idea including all highest and vital concepts about a world order and existence of the person. Such important concepts as the nature, the people, the homeland are connected with a name of the Sort, to give rise, a harvest.

There is a beautiful myth about creation of the world.

Flew over the ocean - the sea boundless three falcons: one ahead, two behind. The first falcon chose a way. The one that flew up to the right wing held the ears full of grains in a beak. Flying up to the left wing held a lump of the dry earth in a beak and looked to the sea abyss. The first was Rod, and two other birds - his sons, Belbog and Chernobog.

The earth lump dropped Chernobog, it fell to a seabed. Then the falcon turned back a drake, dived into waters and lifted an earth lump which rose over the sea the island the Brawler. The oak mighty on which Rod sat grew on it. And Belbog sowed the island grains...

Still there is an interesting colourful myth.

The eye of Omniscience penetrating eternal Darkness without having found its edge, shed a tear from which the bird the Falcon was born. That Falcon shed a gold tear on the Eye - the big island appeared among Darkness, started up a silver teardrop - the lake of water of life was formed on the island, started up a green teardrop - herbs and wonderful flowers grew. The Falcon demolished a gold acorn, and the Oak - Starodub grew from it...

Belbog and Chernobog, on representations of ancient Slavs, together with Rod are creators of the world. Belbog represents This World, it is good god of the nature. Chernobog - god of Nizhny Novgorod, the Dark World, the dead, but expecting new regeneration nature. Except blackness underground blackness above - the earth and night submits to it.

They cannot exist the friend without friend as there is no night without day, winter without summer. They are in a condition of continuous opposition, but not hostility, thanks to it there is time, the movement, so and life.

Thus, at Slavs of Chernobog and Belbog are Uniform Rod`s faces. Two parties of life, two faces Uniform pass through all human life. All acts human are directed, on the one hand, to preservation, on the other hand - to change. The harmonious combination of these aspirations, dynamic harmony is also that world harmony to which the person aspires. These aspirations are uniform as day and night, winter and summer, life and death, Belbog and Chernobog.