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What did adults take with themselves from the childhood? Alexander Rowe`s fairy tales

Are a name, saying which, all what age they would not be - ourselves smile, our parents, our grandmothers and grandfathers. Because all of them brought a name of this person with themselves from the childhood in adulthood. This name of Alexander Rowe. are traditional

of the Fairy tale of Alexander Rowe for Russia as nested dolls or birches. Whether the Irish Arthur Howard Rowe who arrived to Russia and marrying the Greek woman could dream that his son will glorify the Irish surname to all Soviet Union and, perhaps, for the whole world once.

All movies - Alexander Rowe`s fairy tales very kind, native, some cozy. Such we imagined heroes of the Russian national fairy tales when read in the childhood with ecstasy about Koshchey, poor Nastenka, about Vasilis Prekrasnoy. Alexander Rowe had a unique talent, gift which in modern cinema seldom at whom comes across - he could feel the fairy tale, transfer it to the screen very carefully as something fragile, trying not to destroy a fantastic magic charm.

It had a talent for casting for roles of fantastic heroes. What Georgy Millyar who played in all fairy tales of Rowe - where cost only Koshchey Bessmertny where - a baba-yaga … The person of rare gift of transformation, Georgy Millyar became one of components of magic of graphic cinematography in Rowe`s fairy tales.

It is possible to speak about Alexander Rowe`s fairy tales long, and you will not tell everything, but is a little that are expensive to our heart especially.

It, of course, first of all, of “Morozko“ where in a leading role remarkable Natasha Sedykh acted, as if descended from pages of the book of fairy tales. The fairy tale “Morozko“ was issued in 1965 and at once was fallen in love to the Soviet audience. The same year it won a prize incredibly prestigious for those times “The golden lion Sv. Brand“ at the seventeenth international festival of children`s and youthful movies in Venice.

This fairy tale was fallen in love also to Czechs - so that each New year it is shown on television as traditionally as at us show “Twist of fate“ or “Magicians“. The movie is one of darlings at Steven Spielberg, he even declared that “Morozko“ became “the forerunner of many film masterpieces of Hollywood“. Americans called the scenario of the fairy tale the best for family viewing though in general Americans consider as the only positive character Marfushenka as, in their opinion, the modern woman - the good husband and to provide prosperity in the family seeking to find has to be such.

One more remarkable fairy tale of Alexander Rowe - “Marya - the mistress“ . A story about how the retired soldier - the drummer on the way home meets the boy whose mother, Marya - the mistress, was kidnapped by the water tsar Vodokrut Trinadtsaty. Having volunteered to help the boy to return mother, the soldier finds the friend, the beloved and a family. The fairy tale is very kind, interesting, cheerful. Remarkable actors are involved in the movie, both people, and animal - the scene with bear cubs became one of the most favourite at the Soviet children. For Marya`s role - mistresses took beautiful Nellie Myshkova, and Georgy Millyar acted as fantastically charismatic Kvak - the servant Vodokrut the Thirteenth.

The fairy tale “Fire, water and … copper pipes“ became one of the last fairy tales of Alexander Rowe. She won a prize for the best music to the movie at the All-Union film festival. Here again as Alyonushka very pretty Natalya Sedykh, the favourite Rowe acted, and Georgy Millyar acted in two roles at once - as a baba-yaga and Koshchey Bessmertny. Such stars of cinema as Mikhail Pugovkin, Vera Altayskaya, Muse Krepkogorskaya, Leonid Kharitonov, Alexey Smirnov and others took part in the movie. Pavel Pavlenko who played Water - such touching is absolutely charming in this fairy tale known on a role of the father Nastenki in the fairy tale “Morozko“, defenseless and touching in the anger Water in fairy tales Rowe was not yet. The movie is remarkable, interesting and bright.

Besides these movies, Alexander Rowe`s skill possesses such works as “Vasilisa the Great“, “Koshchey Bessmertny“, “The barbarian - beauty, a long braid“, “Gold horns“, “the Fad - Gorbunok“, “New adventures of the Puss in Boots“, “The kingdom of curve mirrors“. The last film of Rowe, the script for which he wrote, but did not manage to remove any more, there was a movie “Finist - a Clear Falcon“. This fairy tale with care of the true pupil and admirer of talent of Rowe was shot by Gennady Vasilyev.

The honored worker of arts of Russia, the people`s artist of RSFSR, Rowe became the same attribute of our childhood as grandmother`s pies, a slide projector or game in Cowboys and Indians. We ran together from every quarter of the yard to the TV to look at the next release “On a visit at the fairy tale“ where we surely showed Alexander Rowe`s fairy tales. And we then did not realize that to all to the kindest, light and beautiful in life taught us these fairy tales.