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How the future when it already came looks? Movies on Jules Verne`s books

the Name of Jules Verne is familiar to everyone. Children of the Soviet generation became engrossed in reading of its tremendous novels long before and with scientific scrupulousness of the geographer it described the future which is so colourful in the books, at last came.

Jules Verne is the writer - the prophet. Exactly thanks to his genius the world received a genre of science fiction. It is no wonder what on number of screen versions of the works can compete to it unless Stephen King, and by the number of transfers on other languages it concedes only to Agatha Christie.

The first cargo spaceship on automatic control, a crater on the Moon, the French coins and even restaurant in the Eiffel Tower were called by his name.

the Great predictor

Many discoveries which we consider ordinary and habitual now, was foretold in the novels by Jules Verne. It, for example, television, flights in space, diving with an aqualung. Our habitual plane is from “The lord of the world“, the helicopter - from the novel “Robur Is the Conqueror“, and the writer anticipated space flights in a number of the works, at the same time he guessed even month in which the ship with three astronauts was started on the Moon. Jules Verne for the first time mentioned an electric chair as a way of execution.

Still before the Eiffel Tower was constructed in Paris, Jules Verne described similar. Even construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway was described in “A notebook of the reporter about opening of the big Trans-Asiatic highway“.

the Avalanche of screen versions

of Work of Jules Verne became inspiration for a set of cinema masterpieces. For example, “The mysterious island“ was picturized 12 times including quite recently, in 2012. Hardly not so much movies it is removed according to the novel “20 000 leagues under water“, on “Children of the captain Grant“ and “Travel to the center of Earth“. The novel “Mikhail Strogov became the real champion (15 screen versions): tsar`s courier“.

Wide recognition around the world, in many respects thanks to Jackie Chan`s participation, was received by the screen version of the novel “Round the World in 80 Days“ of 2004. Arnold Schwarzenegger acted in the movie even. And though the movie was quite cold taken by critics for the negligent address with the primary source and excessive hobby for unnecessary details, in general the screen version turned out amusing and deserving attention.

Children of the whole world with pleasure watched adventures of strange professor Trever Anderson performed by remarkable Brendan Fraser and his nephew Sean performed by Josh Hutcherson which later after issue of the novel went nearly one and a half centuries to “Travel to the center of Earth“ again, but now in a 3D format. The movie turned out remarkable, bright, fascinating, and at the same time the underground world of Jules Verne is traced with special care and admiration of the fan of the fantast.

The last screen version of “The mysterious island“ of Brad Peyton declared as the sequel “Travel to the Center of Earth“ and which appeared in 2012 differs in a little free interpretation of the novel. However as a result it turned out quite dynamic story about how in search of the grandfather Sean Anderson goes with the family to the far island which is not even designated on cards. The travelers adjusted by a restless volcano and a possibility of a strong earthquake get acquainted with the charming world of the Mysterious island in the netronutost.

the Will of the great dreamer

At the moment is in a completion stage one more movie of the director David Ffincher on the novel of the great fantast - “20 000 leagues under water: Captain Nemo“. It will be the movie about adventures of team of the captain of a submarine, fluent kitoboya and the mysterious woman, set as the purpose to find an underwater civilization which once had the special knowledge which gave it the weapon dangerous by the destructive power to all mankind. The premiere of the film is planned for November, 2013.

Jules Verne presented to the world much more, than an inexhaustible source of inspiration for scientists, artists, poets and cinematographers. It brought to future generations bright evidence that all dreams can be made reality, eventually. Commitment and, of course, inspiration are necessary only ability to dream.