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What the Soviet children so loved the Czech fairy tales for? “Three nutlets for the Cinderella“, “Goldilocks“ and others … you Know

what the secret of popularity of Czechoslovak fairy tales at the Soviet children consisted in and than they still captivate all new and new generations of the audience? “Fabulousness“. Quite so.

We can admire as much as necessary modern fantasies where by means of computer graphics any miracles and special effects are easily created. We can sink with the head in the invented worlds created by writers and directors magic … But the fairy tale familiar to each of us since the childhood, always lives the places having nothing in common with monsters and the transcendental cities. She lives in the wood or on a solar clearing, in the beautiful lock which walls are braided by grapes, or in a poor lachuzhka on the seashore. She lives near us, that more sharply feels miracles.

Here such and fairy tales of Czechoslovak cinematographers - beautiful, darling,s cozy, some family. In them on fantastic glades the most real rabbits and an olenyata frolic, in them princesses jump on fields on the most real belogrivy horses, princes are not born in them brave supermen at once, and study courage and kindness in long and fascinating adventures.

As the most famous Czechoslovak fairy tale, of course, it is possible to consider “Three nutlets for the Cinderella“ Vaclav Vorlichek. As a result of collaboration of the Czech and German cinematographers surprisingly beautiful history against tremendous landscapes of Shumava on border of the Czech Republic and Bavaria turned out. Action of the fairy tale happens in the real locks - the lock of Moritsburg and the Czech Shvikhov`s lock.

There is no beautiful fairy in the fairy tale, but there are magic nuts which give to the Cinderella beautiful dresses. And in all the rest the version differs from Charles Perrault`s fairy tale a little - there is both a Stepmother, and the angry stepsister, and Prinze, and the King, and a ball here, of course.

As the Cinderella charming Libushe Shafrankova who appeared in the fairy tale “Third Prince“, very popular in all former Soviet Union later too acted in the movie. The role of the prince charming was played by Pavel Travnichek - too the skilled performer of roles of princes in the Czech and German fairy tales, on his account and “Belyanochka and the Rosette“, and “The third prince“, and many others.

The movie turned out surprising, kind, places ridiculous, places a little naive, such what fantastic history has to be. Not without reason in Germany, the Czech Republic, even in Norway and several more countries of Europe, including Russia, this fairy tale annually show in New Year`s and Christmas air on television.

One more remarkable movie - the fairy tale which the Czech cinematographers won hearts of the Soviet children - “Goldilocks“ . Employees of movie theaters of the Soviet period remember that during film distribution of this fairy tale halls of movie theaters were filled by school students - many came to look at the fairy tale three - four times.

The success of the movie was promoted by a story about the Goldilocks - the princess with gold hair, very romantic and beautiful, left from - under Carel Jaromir Erben`s feather. Unlike the majority of fairy tales, the princess Zlatovlask falls in love not with the prince, and with the simple cook Irzhik who, having tasted wonderful fish, begins to understand language of animals and birds.

The fine Goldilocks performed by Yorgi Kotrbova turned out such what has to be the girl possessing magic treasure - gold hair: careful, kind, beautiful and capable of self-sacrifice.

The young audience with interest watches fantastic events, and adults enjoy fine landscapes of Czechoslovakia, its locks, mirror lakes, the woods and fields.

Besides above-mentioned fairy tales, pride of the Czech children`s cinematography was made, of course, by “Little Mermaid“, “Sleeping Beauty“, “The king - drozdovik“, “The prince and an evening star“, and also many others. And all of them are penetrated by the charm inherent in exclusively Czech fairy tales - all of them very cozy, kind, beautiful, in many respects thanks to the surprising nature of the Czech Republic against which these fairy tales were shot, and also tremendous locks of which in the Czech Republic it is enough too - one is more beautiful than another.

Look together with your children at these surprising fairy tales, they as a drink of fresh mountain air in a modern movie world - simple, wise and giving hope. And let they do not bear comparison in the technical plan with many modern children`s movies - a fantasy, but they surpass them in more important things: they teach us and our children that to become the hero, it is not necessary to be born the superman, it is not necessary to possess superhuman abilities - everything can learn if you believe in yourself and aim for the sake of which achievement you will overcome any obstacles.