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“Maria, Mirabella“ - “wonderful - marvelous“ the movie - the animated film?

It seem to us now quite habitual when the next feature film with animation heroes comes out. All these garfilda, chipmunks and captivated already began to be perceived as self-evident. And still quite recently, some thirty years ago emergence of the first movie - the animated film was perceived as some miracle.

by Such miracle in 1981. Children in each republic of the Soviet Union with big impatience bought up tickets for the scheduled day film session and with a sinking heart monitored the improbable fairy tale on the screen - the fairy tale where two little girls suddenly got to the unknown animation world.

The movie turned out wonderful - marvelous, such about which it is sung in an initial song to it. The director and scriptwriter Ion Popescu - Gopo managed to experience a thin side between the fairy tale and its morals thanks to what young cinema-goers began to think of such questions as a family, friendship, mutual assistance, and also accuracy and accuracy.

of the Girl and their animation friends

On a movie plot two little sisters - absolutely different - Maria and Mirabella, walk and play on a glade. They are watched by Kvaki`s young frog, a butterfly Omid and a glowworm Skiperich, observe and remember former joint adventures. Toons are afraid that now, perhaps, girls also will not remember them. And once they were true friends and together passed through improbable adventures. Here about these is that adventures and it is told in the movie.

There will be everything - both remarkable dances, and songs, and magic the most improbable what can only be thought up. New friends will teach a butterfly to fly, will exempt a young frog from ice captivity, and the glowworm will learn to shine also brightly, as well as all his other fellows, without burning down. Heroes are waited by a fascinating meeting with the Fairy of the wood, with the King of hours, with little maids of honor in the Winter, in the Spring, in the Summer and in the Fall. Girls should even treat the last for cold.

This it is animation - the art fairy tale turned out very kind, very instructive. Thanks to weightless ease of giving, creators of the movie manage to explain to the young audience immemorial truth about friendship, love, mutual aid, friendship, care of dumb animals special, children`s, fantastic language. Authors very accurately voiced morals of history in the movie final - the remarkable song that it is healthy, cheerful and easy to live on light when the friends ready to come to the rescue are near sounds.

And still creators of the movie tactfully and wisely hint the audience that the place for miracles is and in real life - not incidentally the Fairy of the wood from wonderful adventures of girls suddenly turns into the loving beauty - mother, and the angry King of hours becomes to the most real family and the real father. And let the adventure as a result turns out nothing else as a dream, girls draw from it useful conclusions.

Film history of adventures of Maria, Mirabella, and also their animation friends was estimated at the International competition of movies in the Italian Dzhiffona where the movie was awarded with the first prize in the nomination “Animated Cinema“. On the basis of the movie the audiofairy tale - a genre incredibly demanded was already in the nineties published in those days.

Maria and Mirabella in Tranzistoriya

the Movie was so popular

with children that even removed continuation - “Maria and Mirabella in Tranzistoriya“.

Roly Maria and Mirabella in the first movie Gilda Manolescu and Medea Marinesku, and for Medea who played Mirabella executed, this fairy tale became the first step in the world of big cinema. Throughout the fairy tale, however, other young actresses were already invited to roles. And this time Maria and Mirabella traveled around the amazing country of Tranzistoriya which is in the TV. Girls were also accompanied by Kvaki`s young frog, a butterfly Omid and Kvaki`s glowworm, but in the second movie they were played by already living actors why the fairy tale lost the most part of the charm. In other words, with continuation the author “peremudrit“ a little.

Perhaps, failure of the second part is connected with replacement of the actresses playing leading roles, or perhaps the director too tried to surpass itself itself, but somehow and adventures turned out quite sluggish, and songs, despite presence of different genres - from the opera to the frank disco, did not become hits. For this reason viewing of the second part - on a personal discretion of everyone, and here it is worth looking at the first part surely.

Check time

from the moment of a release of the movie passed already a lot of time - enough to check any masterpiece for durability. The fairy tale “Maria, Mirabella“, certainly, passed such check. Even now it looks actually, especially if to consider what important environmental problems it lifts. Animation of the movie does not concede in anything Disney`s, and the scene of transformation of caterpillars into butterflies strikes not less Disney`s “Imagination“ today.

Separate admiration, of course, deserve a song from the movie. “It is wonderful - marvelously!“ - this song performed by a young frog at the very beginning of the movie sets the necessary positive mood for viewing at once. And the song “Maria, Mirabella“ is sung by still, probably, not one generation of already adult audience.

It is checked: modern children watch the movie “Maria, Mirabella“ with pleasure, they like this fairy tale not less, than once it was pleasant to their parents. And it means that you have a reason for one more joint occupation: besides pleasure, you receive a set of subjects for discussion, and also learn not one cheerful song.