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What musicals in the Soviet Union or How many was noses at Buratino began with?

B 1975 of the Soviet Union the remarkable musical fairy tale “Buratino`s Adventures“ of Leonid Nechayev came out. Left to remain for a long time in the hearts of the audience, in songs, in numerous quotes and popular expressions, in images of the main characters.

With a release of the movie to young actors the glory collapsed an avalanche so strong that even today, nearly forty years later, their figures do not lose the relevance. Numerous TV shows invite the main characters of the film who matured already - Dima Iosifov, Tanya Protsenko and other, to themselves in studio to tell all former former Soviet Union about the one whom they grew up what became.

Such success of this children`s film musical, of course, was promoted also by the invited adult actors much - already known stars which made constellation, unique on brightness. These names do not need representation - Elena Sanayeva and Rolan Bykov, Vladimir Etush and Vladimir Basov, Reena Zelenaya, Nikolay Grinko.

In principle to tell about this movie - business ungrateful because it is known to all modern adults, they with ecstasy watched it in the childhood. But it is necessary to tell that modern children did not pass by the surprising fairy tale in which, under laws of a genre, the good overcomes the evil, courage wins against fear, and children are quite capable to cope with adult problems.

the New Year`s gift

the Premiere of the film took place on January 1 and 2, 1976, and since then “Buratino`s Adventures“ it is considered traditionally New Year`s movie. Transposition of the famous tale of Kollodi of Pinocchio a talented feather of Alexey Tolstoy, and then its musical embodiment on the screen turned out surprisingly successful. Certainly, a merit in it as director, as actors, as carefully traced images, and magnificent music which impregnated all movie.

Any adult is offhand capable to list songs from the movie, in any case, to call at once a little - “Bu - ra - ti - but!“, “The song of a turtle of Tortilla“, “Duremar`s Song“, “Kot Basilio and Lisy`s song of Alice“ with the words “What Sky Blue!“ which became already independent popular expressions. Alexey Rybnikov`s songs on Bulat Okudzhava and Yury Entin`s verses very quickly became the real hits. After them the Melodiya firm released a separate plate. By the way, one of songs was suggested to be sung even to Alla Pugacheva, but that refused because she considered that nothing at it will turn out. As a result in the movie we hear Irina Ponarovskaya`s voice.

It is already ridiculous to remember, but the commission from “Belarusfilm“ which watched the movie before letting out it on a review to all children of the Soviet Union, terribly was indignant: “An ugly picture, it cannot be shown to children!“ And you know what such ugly they saw in the movie which became subsequently to cult? “Kot without tail, the Fox in a dress, and Buratino scoffs at the elderly person“ (Karabas - Barabas, probably?) .

The destiny of the movie was rescued by the banal end of the year - if it was not released, then would not make the plan annual, and it means that would not get awards.

of the Baize from a casting

Is interesting that little Dima Iosifov received Buratino`s role absolutely incidentally: the director saw the boy in an underground passage (Dimka ran from a skating rink where he was engaged in figure skating) and invited to act in at film. To be fair it is necessary to tell that he chose by Buratino ideal. Malvina was incidentally too - Tanya Protsenko was met somehow in the train by the assistant to the director: the little girl with a lovely doll face told verses and sang songs just as the real actress.

And here the role of the Turtle of Tortila was rejected in due time by Faina Ranevskaya - now difficultly even to imagine what the wise Turtle would turn out if it was played by someone instead of Reena Zelenoy. By the way, as participants of shootings tell, during the record “Songs of the Turtle of Tortila“ the actress flatly refused to pronounce words about an old age with which the second couplet begins. Literally there an old age, all had to sound “-, not pleasure, people tell the truth. As happiness smiled to me three hundred years ago!“ Therefore we in the movie hear just musical loss instead of words of the second couplet.

One more song for Tortila`s Turtle of authorship of Bulat Okudzhava was not sung, it was included after absolutely in other movie - in the movie “Lovely, Darling, Favourite, Only“, you for certain remember this song - “Other strives to become a rich man“.

of the Highlight of the movie

In the movie is a lot of film mistakes, so-called discrepancies and mistakes. So, for example, before shooting of a scene in which Buratino acquaints Piero and Malvina Dima Iosifov forgot to change the shoes, and therefore acts in the footwear, but not in huge boots of the hero.

By the way, it will be interesting to you to learn that the well-known arbor of Malvina, an oak around which trunk Karabas`s beard - Barabasa turned back and also a pond of the Turtle of Tortila still remained - they are in the Nikitsky botanical garden in Yalta where many scenes of the movie were shot.

And here the gold key which was stored on the platform as an apple of the eye because somebody aimed to pull down it was as a result bought for memory by the director Nechayev.

The well-known nose of Buratino, actually, not one - noses was whole forty five, made of polyfoam, having different length. The leading man laughs: “By the end of the movie my nose became fifteen centimeters shorter“. And behind this laughter improbable work, heavy even for the adult is concealed not that for the child: the nose was pasted whole an hour and a half every day, and then it was necessary to go and the whole day to play in it on a chamber. Everything will be good


Of course, the movie - the musical “Buratino`s Adventures“ - one of the most recognizable fairy tales of the Soviet cinema. From the moment of a release of the movie to this day characters of the fairy tale are constant heroes of all New Year`s morning performances and holidays, songs from the movie are sung already in modern processing, and words of the main characters dispersed on quotes.

The movie gives very pleasant feelings of fun, heat, pleasure. Probably, it is so loved and valuable to us because that on the screen we see familiar, darling,s smiling faces, understanding that at the dolls dancing on a scene everything is good. And then the chamber transfers the lens to the hall where the children who acted in leading roles - such simple and real sit, and they smile too, and at them too everything is good.

After viewing of this movie there is an involuntary wish to tell: “Yes! Already it is not removed! Such songs are not written!“ And, really, do not write. And therefore you hurry to look at “Buratino`s Adventures“ with all family - present to own children a part of those pleasant feelings which once felt in the childhood.