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What Shchelkunchik and the Rat king in A. Konchalovsky`s screen version turned out?

Hoffman`s Tale of Shchelkunchik is known to modern children more likely not so much thanks to the most literary work how many thanks to P. I. Tchaikovsky`s ballet and a set of screen versions.

It both the animated film “The Nutcracker - the Prince of Nuts“ of the director Harold Harris, and the Canadian animated film “Prince Shchelkunchik“, and Ross Helford`s animated film which appeared quite recently in 2004. And even at “Toma and Gerry“ and “Barbie“ has versions of the tale of Shchelkunchik. What to tell about the favourite Soviet animated film of Boris Stepantsev of 1973 which was awarded the Incentive diploma for the original art decision on the VII VKF in Baku in 1974, and also the First award “Pelaya Del of a Shouting“ at the international festival of children`s and youthful movies in the Spanish Gijon in 1974.

And here in 2010 the Russian director Andrey Konchalovsky submitted to the world the version of a story about Shchelkunchik “Shchelkunchik and the Rat king“ where the popular wooden hero appeared already in the fashionable 3D format.

In a picture such persons, famous in Hollywood, as Nathan Lane, Francis de la Tour, John Turturro and even the young El Fanning, the younger little sister of the well-known Dakota Fanning who already became famous according to movies “Charlotte`s Web“, “Mysterious History of Benjamin Batton“ and “Phebe in a Wonderland“ were invited. The movie is shot in English, but such persons famous to the Russian audience as Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov took part in dubbing-in.

Of course, this version of the tale of Shchelkunchik turned out fashionable and creative - NC (Eng Xi) from Nut Cracker ask to call the main character here. As the Snow Fairy and at the same time mother Mary the director`s wife Yulia Vysotskaya acted.

Instead of the Mouse king there is a king Krysiny here, and heroes sing by opera voices. By the way, Krysiny the king, as well as all his army, surprisingly remind an aggressor of times of World War II - from a type of how equal ranks of soldiers in characteristic helmets and mouse gray color to a form zapolonyat streets of the town as in a fright inhabitants as their habitual life falls run up, heart clenches.

The director, as he claims, worked on creation of the movie forty years, and Sergey Mikhalkov participated in a script writing. The author intentionally placed emphasis on totalitarianism, fascism therefore replacement of mice by rats is not casual - these creations are associated at the author with the fascist evil. Intentionally the director tried to recreate Vienna the beginnings of the twentieth century, is only unclear why in Vienna of the twentieth years of a sign on shops were in English.

It is clear, that as a soundtrack to the movie P. I music acted. Tchaikovsky to the ballet “Nutcracker“ - two of these works so merged together that it would be strange to watch the movie about Shchelkunchik and not to hear magic sounds of Tchaikovsky.

The only thing that is unclear - what, except rolling success, the author was guided, inviting Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva to the Russian dubbing-in. And if to the prima donna of claims, by tradition, no, then Kirkorov`s voice did not approach an image the Rat at all, his soft lisping manner to speak nullified all totalitarian raid of the rat king. Frankly speaking, just there is a wish to see the movie in an original sound - dubbing-in very strongly disturbs, in places just upsets with the lack of talent. Especially it concerns the Russian song parties - the Russian text is so badly adapted both to music, and to a plot that the impression is made that it became somehow hastily.

In the movie there are very beautiful fragments - weeds between fir-tree branches, dance of snowflakes. But there are and a lot of frankly unsuccessful, even terrible episodes which somehow not really want to be shown to children. Having been fond of the computer equipment, authors forgot that it is the children`s movie. However, in release it is declared that it “the fighter, a fantasy, the musical, family“.

In hire the movie turned out a complete fiasco - both in American, and in Russian. Critics also did not stint negative responses. The movie even won first place as “The worst movie of limited display“ in one of portals.

But it, of course, does not say that the movie bad - simply is one more attempt to picturize Shchelkunchik`s history, but already from the point of view of Konchalovsky.