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Series about Petrov and Vasechkin: let`s remember a glorious past?

First love. For boys and little girls of the Soviet period it was some unfamiliar, light and very chaste concept. Of course, the main tragedies of the first love were played in school corridors. And the love of the poor student and shirker to the honors pupil was one of the most popular plots of the first school love, of course.

This simple story seasoned with passions of a love triangle also formed the basis of cheerful children`s series “Petrov and Vasechkin`s Adventures“. Such cheerful musical comedy, the musical which author was a director Vladimir Alenikov famous already turned out the director and the writer are more in the West.

Not to tell two that absolutely the poor student, but obviously problem companion Petrov and Vasechkin (performed by Dima Barkov and Egor Druzhinin) fall in love with the honors pupil Masha (performed by Inga Ilm). As a result of the Platonic and pure love make the real feats in the spirit of Don Quixote and other knights without fear and reproach.

They very skillfully transmit all the emotional experiences through songs and dances thanks to what the movie is watched on one breath.

It is necessary to tell, for 1983 the series about Petrov and Vasechkin are surprisingly similar on the structure to modern sitcoms - series are not connected among themselves by the general plot or motive, only the main and partially minor heroes from a series to a series wander in different improbable situations. It was quite original giving for television of that time. It is possible for this reason the movie won improbable popularity.

“Petrov, tell them! - Yes, it is right!“ - these words were sung nearly in each gate, and the light image of wonderful Masha Startseva for a long time lodged in the hearts of all Soviet boys, and not only poor students.

All adventures of this merrily Trinity consist of two pass - series - “Petrov and Vasechkin`s adventures ordinary and improbable“ and “Petrov and Vasechkin`s vacation“. The director Vladimir Alenikov shared a secret: Vasechkin`s character was some kind of autobiographical and Petrov had the real prototype - his author of the movie “copied“ from own childhood friend Petya Brandt.

Ridiculously, but the movie was initially forbidden by censorship for ideological motives though at foreign festivals made success. It was succeeded “to push“ the movie on television only after Yury Andropov`s daughter Irina who at that time was the deputy chief editor of the famous magazine was invited to viewing thanks to suspicious combination of circumstances. As soon as learned about it, released the movie on TV.

Now it is difficult even to imagine what could not pass censorship in this movie - everything quite decent, even from the point of view of ideology. In the first pass - series about Petrov and Vasechkin five stories based on classical works are presented.

History first, lyrical, is called “Taming obstinate“, and in it the audience learns about Petrov and Vasechkin`s feelings to Masha Startseva. Or rather, at first feelings flash only at Petrov, but when Masha returns him a love note with the errors corrected in it, Vasechkin goes into action, being going to tame obstinate Masha by a Shakespearean method. And as a result too falls in love. Other stories not less touching, and everyone comes to an end with characteristic dialogue when Masha reproachfully swings the head, saying: “Eh, you, gentlemen!“ (rescuers, still someone will be farther). On what Vasechkin sighs: “Oh, Masha!“, and Petrov significantly exhales: “All right, all right!“

the Musical frame of the movie performed by remarkable group “Sinema“ makes each history very bright, figurative and cheerful.

The second pass - the series tell about adventures of all Trinity in children`s camp and in the Georgian village. Here too authors address imperishable works of classics - the first series under the name “The Hooligan (Almost according to Gogol)“ tells about how Vasechkin who arrived to camp is taken for the hooligan by nickname “Goose“ who also has to arrive. And further all on Gogol “Auditor“. The second series tells about adventures of friends in style of “Don Quixote“ and fight against windmills.

And in it pass - series too many bright music turns which in a flash became hits. After even the plate with songs from two movies was let out.

Certainly, both movies are worth it that to watch them. And they will be interesting and to adults who will be able to steep once again in the school childhood, to the world of children`s summer camps and infinite school corridors. And the movie will be not less interesting to modern children as in it problems which arise at boys and little girls of school age always and at all times irrespective of, they spend vacation in summer camp or in French riviera rise. Because the first love - it on that and the first that it is impossible to be prepared for it, it always takes unawares, and at this moment it is important to understand that you such not one with the problems that, for example, Petrov and Vasechkin perfectly understand you with all your experiences.

Understand and support.