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Why “good girls“ are not lucky?

Since the childhood of the person learn to behave well: to concede, not to be greedy, pass forward another, to behave. But whether such excessive positivity in adulthood is necessary?

psychologists have a term “good girl“ which does not depend on age. Whom they so call? “the good girl“ has the main rule - to be imperceptible and not to become object of attention to avoid possible criticism.

She listens to opinion of people around much more, than to own, especially if it is people, authoritative for it. “The good girl“ does not afford thoughtless acts and buys only the necessary things. In private life it has to have everything “as at people“. Sense of guilt at it is developed excessively therefore she blames herself for all troubles.

In the relations with the man “the good girl“ completely excludes flirtation - she better five times will tell “no“, than will allow to doubt the decency. However at the same time she very much is afraid to be unclear or to offend accidentally. “The good girl“ will never put the person “into place“ even if his acts are unpleasant to her. To relatives it rushes to the aid on the first call. The main desire of “the good girl“ - to please people around. Quite often she does not even realize this desire fully though all her life is subordinated to it. It surely has to get approval from other people and in general it a lot of things “has to“ as it seems to it.

In each woman “a good girl“ lives to a greater or lesser extent. It is difficult to answer unambiguously, it is good or it is bad. It is necessary to try to look at the life from outside to understand whether “the good girl“ prevents to live quietly and most to derive pleasure from communication with friends and relatives, from work and another matters. Perhaps, at work for a long time nobody notices and appreciates, and, being in public, nothing, except strong tension, is felt? If this is so, is necessary urgently something in itself to change, for example, to try to become “the bad girl“.

This “the bad girl“ is not rude to people around and does not make immoral acts. Its main thing governed - never to forget about itself darling. She nothing has to nobody and will never make that she does not consider it necessary.

Of course, it the opinion of people around, however the most important opinion - its own is not indifferent. She is not afraid of shocking and will never become the slave of darling. At work “the bad girl“ will not overstrain for the sake of approval of the administration. Making important decisions, she, first of all, listens to the internal voice.

“The bad girl“ does not faint when she hears criticism in the address, even unfair because knows the own worth and soberly thinks. She has no a ball at all, but at her it turns out to live comfortably and freely.

All of us have before eyes many examples when seventy-year-old grandmothers go to aerobics or dances. These ladies, as a rule, cause admiration in many, however they do not seek to be pleasant to all at all - and it is the main secret of their optimism and youthful appearance.

Perhaps, it is worth defining clearly the intentions and prospects, having included here and what was never done earlier, but of what secretly dreamed. It is not necessary to be afraid of changes in life. To stand in a queue for happiness - unpromising occupation: it only here and now.