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What to prepare from vegetable marrows?

Vegetable marrows have excellent tastes, perfectly are suitable for baby and dietary food and in comparison with the majority of vegetables there are kopeks.

As they are only not trained! Extinguish, fry, stuff, bake, do of them candied fruits and even eat crude.

It is the best of all to choose very young vegetable marrows. It is even possible not to rind most “young“, only to cut off the rest of a flower and a fruit stem. Vegetable marrows “are more senior“ better everything - to clear.

In my family of this brother of pumpkin very much respect and with pleasure eat dishes with it. The most favourite - marrow caviar . I train her so:

I cut onions, carrots, vegetable marrows, the Bulgarian (sweet) pepper cubes about one size. In vegetable oil at first I brown onions and carrots, after - vegetable marrows and pepper. In almost ready caviar I put tomato juice or the tomato paste divorced water with the crushed garlic and seasonings. My grandmother added to caviar sugar, and the godmother - fresh bitter pepper. Someone pours in a vinegar spoon. With each additive caviar gets a special flavoring shade.

Vegetable marrows it is possible just to fry .

To cut vegetable marrows rings about 1 centimeter thick. In a plate a nasypatmuka, salt, a little ground allspice, it is possible to add some dried greens still. To roll in vegetable marrows and to fry in vegetable oil on both sides till golden color. It is, so to speak, base. Now options:

- to lay out the fried vegetable marrows in one layer on a wide frying pan with the warmed oil, to fill in with the shaken-up eggs and to hold on small fire to readiness of eggs;

- to lay out vegetable marrows on a dish in one or several layers, slightly greasing with mayonnaise and strewing with the crushed garlic, greens, pounded nuts, grated cheese;

- to lay out vegetable marrows in several layers, greasing with sour cream with the crushed garlic and strewing with fried onions and paprika.

Approximately the same technology of preparation of rolls from vegetable marrows. Only vegetable marrows will need to be cut thin “petals“ lengthways, in flour not to roll and fry very quickly that did not burn slightly. On each “petal“ to lay out a stuffing, to curtail a roll and to fix by a skewer. To make a stuffing so:

- grated cheese + the crushed garlic + the cut greens + mayonnaise;
- processed cheese (or cottage cheese) + sour cream + the tomatoes cut by small pieces...

It is also possible to put the pounded nuts hard-boiled and cut some egg in a stuffing...

Vegetable marrows in batter too an interesting dish. The vegetable marrows cut by circles dip in batter - liquid mix of the shaken-up egg, waters and torments with salt and fragrant ground pepper - and fry as usual.

Vegetable marrows are very tasty stewed . They are cut cubes, put in a pan where slightly fried onions already lie, extinguish a two-three of minutes, later filled in with sour cream, tomato sauce) or both that, and another together) and brought on small fire to readiness. It is good to add greens, garlic to ready vegetable marrows.

From vegetable marrows we prepare of fritter . We rub vegetable marrows on a grater, we add eggs, salt, flour and we knead the dough on density reminding sour cream. We fry fritters in the warmed oil and we smear with a smetanka. Perfectly approaches such fritters vegetable salatik. It is possible to put the crushed garlic or grated curd cake in dough.

Vegetable marrows are good stuffed . They should be cut lengthways on two half. To choose as a spoon core. If sunflower seeds were already enough created, then it is better to throw out them. If vegetable marrows absolutely young then to leave the middle. To put a stuffing in deepening, to lay vegetable marrows in a form for roasting, to fill in with sauce and to prepare in an oven. The stuffing can be such:

- fried with onions honor mincemeat to readiness;
- slightly fried onions, carrots, paprika, garlic and pulp of vegetable marrows;
- the fried pieces of chicken, mushrooms and onions.

It is possible to add the fig.

Sauce boiled almost to readiness for filling to each type of a stuffing prepare from sour cream, tomato juice, cream, the shaken-up eggs. There are no accurate instructions, want - use one ingredient, you want - mix everything at once.

And with vegetable marrows it is possible to cook very tasty dense soup . We call its “sauce“. All vegetables for it are cut largely.

To fry pork ribs to a rumyanost. In the same frying pan to fry in turn carrots and vegetable marrows, to take out them from a frying pan. After to fry quickly onions and pepper, to fill in with tomato juice and to extinguish minutes five. To put ribs and potato in the boiling water, to bring almost to readiness, to lay out vegetable marrows and contents of a frying pan. To cook until potato does not begin to boil soft. To throw the chopped greens and to switch off fire. Vegetable marrows can be replaced with eggplants here or to put both that, and another in sauce.

And finally of ragout . This dish is good the fact that it is possible to put in it practically any vegetables: the vegetable marrows which are previously soaked in cold water eggplants, pepper, onions, garlic, tomatoes, a cauliflower, and also mushrooms. At the end of cooking put fat sour cream and different types of greens in ragout.

Tasty to you dishes and bon appetit!