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To be protected from a pediculosis? Easily!

the Problem of a head pediculosis is actual for many countries of the world. In Latin America and Asia contamination head louses of school students happens very high: 13-44% and more.

Even in much more safe in socially - the economic relation the countries of Europe the share of children with a head pediculosis at mass surveys also reaches considerable level: in Germany - 6,9%, in Greece - 12,0%, in the Czech Republic - 14,1%.

The official indicator of incidence of a head pediculosis across Russia makes about 0,2%. But in reality the figure is, at least, 3 - 4 times higher what the annual level of retails of pedikulitsidny means testifies to.

Such situation is partly caused by the fact that one parents hide cases of infection of their child with louses in connection with the taken roots belief that existence of parasites - a sign of insufficient hygiene and a low standard of living of the one who faced them others consider that it is simpler to cope with a disease of own forces, without seeing a doctor.

In children`s collectives a head pediculosis - not a rarity, but within a year the incidence can change. Seasonal peak of a pediculosis generally fall on the end of summer and an early autumn when children, having visited summer camps, in resorts or dachas, come back to schools and kindergartens.

Distribution of louses is promoted considerably by close contacts of children in big collectives. Infection occurs when children adjoin the heads during game or are secretive “on an ear“. More often girls as, as a rule, they have long hair catch. Extremely seldom the child can get sick with a pediculosis after put on others headdress or used a hairbrush of other child.

One of the reasons promoting growth of a pediculosis is also that “… louses at long use of preparations on the basis of the same active ingredients “get used“ to them that is expressed in gradual decrease in efficiency of these preparations. First of all, it concerns the means containing permethrin and other pyrethroids to which at louses stability (resistance) already began to be formed.

Fortunately, at an arsenal of pedikulitsidny means there are preparations allowing to cope with louses, steady against permethrin. Means on the basis of benzylbenzoate (only lotion and spray are effective), a malateion, essential oils, etc. the preparations operating on nervous system of louses concern to them.

In the last decade also the new group of pedikulitsidny means on the basis of silicone oils (dimetikon) appeared. Similar means get to respiratory openings of louses, breaking thereby breath and water balance in an organism of insects“, - the senior research associate of department of entomology of biological faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, the expert of the “Happy Childhood without Pediculosis“ program Yulia Vladimirovna Lopatina comments.

The head pediculosis is a disease which it is possible to warn. Appearance of louses always brings to both parents, and children notable discomfort, and generally psychological therefore observance of preventive measures is so important. Till the recent moment the main way of prevention of this disease was regular survey of the head of the child. However it does not guarantee full safety against appearance of parasites as with a low number of louses to notice rather difficult. Already there are preparations and shampoos with the nontoxical repellents on the basis of an alanin which are frightening off louses.

Thus, it is possible to get rid of a head pediculosis in children`s collective. The main thing that parents and teachers of educational institutions were informed on possible ways of infection, features of a disease and importance of its timely prevention.