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Litokhoro. What it, Greek village?

of Litokhoro are the small provincial town in northern Greece which got lost at the foot of the legendary mountain of Olympe (Olympus) well-known for the whole world. Probably, no other city of ancient Hellas is able to transfer all color and originality of measured life of Greeks as Litokhoro.

Far from a civilization, or as it is accepted to speak, far from city noise, there lives this town under protection and guardianship of gods. And if gods go down on the earth, then the first place where they get - it is Litokhoro. Here and we decided to devote the next travel to these places.

To the route Athens-Thessaloniki - about 5 km, to the Aegean Sea and that are more. So if you will arrive here, be sure - the tranquility and charm of these places are provided to you.

By the way, traveling around Greece, it is very easy to get here. As Greece is considered one of the best countries in Europe on the organization of bus service, it is possible to reach to Litokhoro by comfortable bus from the capital of the area of Paraliya - the city of Katerini, for 2 euros or as we, by a taxi. However, it will cost slightly dearer. From Dion Palace Resort & Spa Bomo Club 5 hotel *, the Aegean Sea located on the coast in 7 km from the Olympus, we were taken for 12 euros on Mercedes. The good-natured taxi driver Costas who to us without problems was called from a reception of hotel in 10 minutes already waited for us at an entrance.

As day of arrival to Greece coincided with orthodox Easter, with words: “Christ Anestias (To Christ Voskresa our way)“, - we got into the car. Costas who was quite tolerably speaking in English as English here in the course, told us that Litokhoro`s population makes 7 thousand people, and Olympus height about 3 thousand. meters, and it is possible to rise by a certain height several organized routes. It also attracts numerous tourists during the summer period here.

Visit of the town, an opportunity to wander on its small streets, to sit in cafe and to feel on itself all charm, so to speak, the Greek remote place - a horya was our purpose just. Though presence of the Olympus was felt in everything.

By the way, mountain per se Olympe does not exist. There is a mountain chain with several tops, is proud the called Olympus. At an entrance to Litokhoro the sun unexpectedly disappeared in clouds, the white veil shrouded two nearby tops of the Olympus, having hidden them from human eyes and giving to all events a certain mysteriousness and incomprehensibility. “Probably, gods under cover of white clouds went down from the Olympus“, - I thought and mentally appeared before Zeus and Hera. I was brought by Costas round. Having returned me to terrestrial pleasures, it showed cafe of the wife, hinting that supposedly when we will get hungry, we can come into it.

Having landed us on the central street, Costas went further, and we started wandering on the town. Time was about 2 o`clock in the afternoon and Litokhoro`s life stood till the evening, the Greek siesta began. Which - where lonely passersby and school students caught sight to us. Emptiness of streets allowed to be dissolved among them and to feel all delights of measured life.

The road conducted up. Practically all shops were closed, unlike cafe where some movement was observed though. Especially it was noticeable on a central square with the fountain where just in hours of a siesta life quickens. The smell of fried mutton and mountain air excited and bewitched. For a minute our Lazarevskoye where you feel something similar, however, in the evening was remembered.

In cafe, or in a tavern as it can be spoken in Greece, decided to come on the way back. Especially as midday heat did not give an inconvenience, and we continued to turn on very narrow small streets among sometimes houses toy, not similar at each other. That there then echoes of the noisy companies were heard - Greeks celebrated Easter. Unexpectedly for ourselves we came to be at the foot of the legendary mountain.

And suddenly just as - that unexpectedly there were they, Zeus and Hera. They peacefully sat under the shade of an arbor and is slightly heard about something talked. Everything meets - Olympe`s mountain, the Olympic gods, Greece. “They went down“, - I thought.

Believed? I also was believed in it. And why is also not present... Quite so the Olympic gods in the world of people could look. As gods the Greek couple acted, unfortunately, I do not know their real names. We were photographed for memory, congratulated each other on a great holiday of Easter and dispersed. At parting they showed us the road to “National park of Olympe“. By the way, if you are in Litokhoro, surely visit him - free entrance, impressions simply the sea. We happened to visit that its part where Enipeas a canyon with a walking path along one of edges is located.

Route extent - approximately about 2 km. The walking path from time to time passes at the height more than 100 meters and on the one hand is fenced with an iron hand-rail, with another - natural rocks. The man-made aqueduct in which there passes the mountain stream feeding all city forms the basis. Similar I met something in the ancient city of Hierapolis, in Turkey, mineral waters flow only there.

It is very interesting to move on such path. Somewhere below, in the gorge, the mountain river rustles. From above steep rocks of the Olympus, and you in the middle of all this magnificence hang... One of numerous falls where on the platform it is possible to admire the falling water is considered a final point of a route, to be photographed and think of eternal...

We went to a way back already with easy feeling of hunger and desire where - nibud to have a rest. The tavern of the wife of Costas did not begin to be looked for, and stopped the choice on one of open cafes on the right side of the central Litokhoro Street if to go down from the Olympus.

We did not manage to sit down at a table, we were given right there on a glass of cold water, the menu and three options business - a lunch at choice at the cost of 10, 12 and 23 euros, respectively. At once there were difficulties with the translation of Greek cuisine. Therefore, without hesitation, I ordered business - a lunch at No. 2, and the wife something from salads. Our guesses that will give, surpassed all expectations. Everything was home-style tasty and there was no wish to leave a tavern at all...

Back already walked, leaving behind themselves the legendary mountain of Olympe and the benevolent town of Litokhoro.