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Starvation: it is useful or is harmful?

in increasing frequency people ask Presently a question of healthy nutrition, a healthy lifestyle. As Paul Bragg in the famous book “Starvation Miracle“ wrote, it is very useful to be engaged for our body in starvations, but now there are many articles which challenge his opinion. Is it worth experimenting over himself and in what that harm about which we in increasing frequency can read? the Answer is unambiguous

: it is necessary to starve, but it is very accurate because, without following rules, it is possible to cause itself an irreparable loss!

In what an essence of the book “Starvation Miracle“?

Itself P. Bragg is not a writer, he only shared in what he was engaged all life with people - it systematically starved. He advised the readers to begin with one-day or 36 - hour starvations, to continue three-day, then starvations to crisis, even monthly starvations are allowed. In the book it in detail describes the scheme of an exit from hunger strike, even some recipes of culinary dishes are provided. The author writes that to our body, considering an ecological situation around, it is necessary to give small breaks for an opportunity to manage to be cleared of harmful and toxic substances.

by What is dangerous starvation?

about awful consequences of starvation on the Internet can find

the mass of articles which essence one In information searches: the risk of emergence of stomach ulcer, decrease in immunity from - for shortages of nutrients, increased fatigue and another is high. Somehow article connecting medical starvation with anorexia caught sight. Probably, the author also did not hold the book in hand. Yes, you should not challenge, all this is possible, but only in case not to adhere to instructions which are in detail described.

What occurs in practice?

In the 21st century when to replace old views of fashion came to drink, smoke and be on drugs new: healthy lifestyle, people try to get on well at two directions at the same time at once. I am personally familiar with the person who is 29 years old, it seems has to be quite conscious, but after one-day starvation when it is necessary to drink carefully juice and there are porridges, he safely went to bar to drink vodka, having a snack on pizza. And then will be as in a joke, “got poisoned with cookies“, accusing at all incident, of course, P. Bragg with his starvation.

Properly to starve?

At first needs to be understood that you do it for yourself, to realize need, to be completely ready mind and body. Does not consult to begin when there is though the slightest fluctuation when you are given psychologically up meal. Depending on duration of hunger strikes it is necessary in advance to cease to eat animal protein, during the hunger strike nothing is impossible, except water, and after hunger strike it is necessary to enter gradually food, since the juice diluted with water.

For example, at three-day starvation it is recommended not to eat heavy food to which it is possible to carry all meat, fried, fat, alcohol and sweets, the last food will be better let than a phytogenesis. When you do not eat, it is better not to tease itself tasty smells and beautiful dishes, and in general to refrain from cooking and visit of institutions where there is a food until you are able indifferently to perceive any food, and it, I assure you, will come. What water it is better for

to drink?

various recommendations Exist: usual water which you drink every day, thawed, filtered, distilled and so forth. There are no special preferences, in practice tried different options and all this very individually. During long starvations when the breakdown is felt, allow to drink water with the small content of honey. I assure you, inflow of forces is provided.

In what cases needs to stop starvation?

If to you it is heavy

, but it is tolerant, then keep! If you take a starvation course under supervision of the doctor who sees obvious deteriorations, then, of course, it is not necessary to continue. There is one more condition: there is a weight decreased by 20%, stop without hesitation!

What is recommended to be eaten after starvation?

should be Begun with

with 50 g of the juice diluted with 50 g of water then to continue to drink juice all day. Best of all juice, but not citrus, not grape and not orange. Then it is possible to connect porridge, for example, oat, it is possible to drink water in which vegetables cooked, then gradually to enter fruit with vegetables, crude and boiled, and only then is usual I write, but some more days cannot be eaten sweet, meat and orange.

It is simple to draw a conclusion that it is useful to starve, but it is always necessary to do it accurately, caring for itself. If you tried and at you did not go, then do not torment yourself with the word it “is necessary“. Do not worry, there will pass time and you will be able to risk once again. Summing up the result, there is a wish to advise only one: do what brings you positive emotions!