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How it is correct to say goodbye to the former place of work?

For any adult leaving for various reasons from work, from the darling - not lovely organization are let and not a cardinal, but nevertheless not ordinary event in life. And not dismissal means changes to the best for all.

But also in that case it is necessary to leave with the certain baggage allowing to have hopes for new prospects. It is useful to consider these recommendations not only to office workers, managers, so-called room employees. They will help to think of that, it is as much as possible favorable to deal with a situation.

Of course, not always dismissal coincides with that period when your profession is most demanded in labor market. But it is remarkable if exactly at present there is an increased demand for experts of your profile. For example, workers of trade, construction, tourist spheres receive more offers on employment in the summer.

It is also reasonable to leave while at the enterprise payment of traditional awards is not planned. Leaving on New Year`s Eve, you hardly receive a gift - a bonus from the once the native company. Do not forget about the payments and compensations put to you even if the administration is not eager to do much good for you them. Here not to rules of a good form if you want to underpay to you finally. Each organization has specifics and the form of ownership, something is stated in the contract, and something is missed. So the formulation of dismissal “during staff redundancies“ assumes compensation which equals to three of your monthly salaries.

Now about non-material questions.

Leaving the company, take away with yourself the client base, the acquired partners. It is not necessary to play nobility - nobody will estimate it, on the contrary, will laugh as at the foolish. These are results of your personal labor, your practices.

All your projects, articles, design, constructive proposals are a part you. It is not necessary to give in on provocation of the former management and to leave “acquired by back-breaking toil“.

Try to take copies of orders on your encouragement, thanks. All this can be useful to you in due time. It is not necessary to work by the principle “out of sight, out of mind“. In a sense after dismissal at the person the new stage therefore good of the present will take reasonable in the future everything begins.

But how there was a concrete situation, - make the maximum efforts to leave without the conflict though it is sometimes so difficult to resist temptation to tell, at last, everything that you think of someone or of something. However often subsequently people are sorry about the fieriness.

During the “predischarge“ period it is recommended to conduct the hidden job search. Though in the majority of the companies it is considered violation of business ethics, game in different gate. Therefore you should not distribute at random the summary on the most unknown to the organizations, with the direct indication of the surname, number mobile or all known e-mail address.

But all - it is better for to find at first new application, and then to make a final decision on leaving.