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The choice of belief of faith of

True Vera - corresponds to the God`s Word.

That true Vera in God Vera`s choice triumphed and faiths it has to be carried out by people at mature age.

The choice of God`s faith requires knowledge of his Word.
Not all people are capable to learn the Word God`s independently. If the person chooses by
faith without knowledge of the God`s Word of a juggling of its understanding in the faith it suck in - even if this belief is false.
the Garbled treatments of the God`s Word expose even the most false belief - as only true. Some faiths even the existence declare in the beginning
that they are only true.
In what faith is carried out initial knowledge of the God`s Word - that and it seems true.
needs to Study the Word God`s before the choice of faith at all age vital schools or similar structures not connected and especially not belonging to certain faiths.
At the neutral schools teaching the Word God`s has to be studied its understanding by different beliefs and faiths.
The more is studied faiths in respect of treatments of understanding of the God`s Word - the more precisely a picture.
When studying a set of treatments of the God`s Word by different faiths by all means appears truth.
Special attention when studying the God`s Word should be turned on confessional distinctions in its understanding, at the same time in the course of studying discussions are very useful. Authenticity of money we can learn
, having addressed to bank, the validity of belief can be defined only most as all faiths attribute it to themselves.
After the choice of faith more profound knowledge of the God`s Word as an exception can be carried out already in it.
Initial knowledge of the God`s Word inside is konfessionalno inadmissible - as in their majority there is its recutting under itself.
Introduction in schools of studying of the God`s Word is braked by progress, science, pseudo-faiths, some governments …
to Knowledge of the God`s Word is disturbed by interstate opposition.
The more removal of faith from God, the more it opposes to neutral studying of the God`s Word, and seeks to be engaged in its explanation in itself.
Is unconditional, full studying of the God`s Word demands a lot of time, means, dispersion of intelligence and efforts, derivation from creation … All losses at knowledge of the God`s Word are filled with
a hundredfold in kind affairs due to spirituality growth subsequently.
If studying of the God`s Word is, is mainly carried out at schools - many pseudo-faiths will disappear.
of Losses from pseudo-faiths is more - than from studying of the God`s Word at schools.
At the choice of belief and faith, is expedient to consider that what choice your ancestors, relatives, most of people on your Homeland made, those whom you consider knowing, skilled, honest …
The more other than others the new gemmated faith - the more difficult it tries to be then to bring under the Word God`s.
Is very important to distinguish those faiths, which gemmated in order that to her leader to get domination and access to finance.
yu to choose faith - should learn the Word God`s and to learn the Word God`s - it is necessary to choose faith.

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