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How to keep a figure on holiday?

What is the time, forces and nerves we spend for normalizing the figure to long-awaited summer holiday to flaunt beautiful forms on the beach, causing envy in a female half of vacationers and adoration and admiration - in a strong half of mankind. as it is easy “acquired by back-breaking toil“ to lose

I, having had a ball: enjoying idleness on hot sand, to absorb the cook`s in liters - to stake and kilograms of a shrimp - mussels - ­ rapana, jamming honey baklava.

But stop! We will not allow it. Because we know small cunnings how not to get out of the shape on holiday.

1. Eat in the small portions.

to Enjoy tasty and high-calorific dishes nobody will be able to forbid you - you, at last - on holiday! Especially if you had to go happiness to five-stars hotel on system “all inclusive“. The only restriction in this case is quantity. Do not clog a stomach with abundance of food! If the temptation is too big, take the smallest plate what you will be able only to find, and do not try to keep step with an additive.

2. Swim!

to Play sports on holiday it is not strong - that there is a wish. However for maintenance of health it is not obligatory to exhaust itself with jogs, occupations on exercise machines at all or to be dripping with sweat, playing beach games. You can just swim in the sea! Swimming - ideal option of combination pleasant with useful. From it you do not overtire and support the organism in a tone. It is enough to swim for a while from 30 minutes to an hour to capture the majority of muscular groups. Besides swimming will render also medical effect on warmly - vascular system.

3. Be active!

Summer - time of fantastic opportunities. You go hiking, play tennis, you twist bicycle pedals - opportunities are boundless. It is possible to go to discos, dances - excellent means for preservation of the figure. Besides, it is possible to try other options of burning of calories is beach entertainments, such as beach volleyball, soccer or frizb, construction of the lock from sand or splashing in water.

4. Walk on the beach.

Knows that pebble is an excellent stimulator of active points on feet. Walk on the beach will give you pleasure and will massage legs. With each step calves, hips and gluteuses develop. The uneven surface also promotes efficiency of training. Do walks on pebble every day within 30 - 60 minutes. You can use this time for meditations and reflections, for listening of music or conversation with the adherent.

If around you sand, then do not despair! You can make to yourself foot massage - do the easy stroking, spiral or kneading movements from heels on a shin and to a knee. Such massage will improve blood circulation in legs and will remove the horny cells of skin.

Upon return from the sea you, perhaps, will lack everyday walks on pebble. If you live in the house with the court yard, then it is very simple to correct a situation. You can make to yourself a path of pebble to continue to do exercises. If you have no such opportunity, then try to make a self-made path of pebble in the apartment. Just paste stones to a piece of a carpet or linoleum and enjoy walks of the house.

Also do not forget on holiday about security measures: constantly put sun-protection means and cover the head with a hat that your holiday gave you pleasure, but not a headache and the burned skin sites!