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How people react to a love stress?

are noticed Long ago that men and women differently behave in stressful situations including love. Men, as a rule, steep in favourite business, and then, on an apt expression of B. Shaw: “They just have no time to think - whether they are happy“. Women, on the contrary, begin to toil from inaction, to miss, pine waiting.

One of the reasons of such gender behavior - a yellow calloused body, dividing our brain into two halves. As show researches, at a female individual this “crossing point“ is more developed, than at man`s. Therefore both hemispheres are excited in a stressful situation at the woman: left, reasonable, and right, emotional. Bright example: at the sight of a mouse the woman at the same time both squeals, and jumps on a chair. The man in an extreme situation, as a rule, thinks only one hemisphere - left, responsible for logic of thinking. Emotions are not necessary to it to ambush, break the deadlock and to repair the car. Here the mother - the nature also saw to it: guided less “bridges“ between the right and left hemisphere.

To what it leads? To the fact that in the fulness of the heart at the woman both hemispheres are excited at once. Thoughts jump “at the left - to the right“, “on the right - on the left“ that sometimes leads to a certain confusion in judgments (so-called “female logic“). At the man the center of excitement is, as a rule, limited only to one hemisphere (left remains cold - judicious). Love sufferings push it to work. Besides, the intensity of emotions is higher, the more it is capable to make: to turn mountains, to get the moon from the sky, to take away darling on the world`s end etc. To sit definitely in one place it it will not be quiet! As a last resort, will go to soccer to play with friends.

The woman should be been uttered, tell “in confidence to the whole world“ about what disturbs her. Heart-to-heart talk allows it to untwist the thought up to the end. Therefore it feels such emotional lift after communication with the girlfriend. Men perceive such talk as a beating the air: “About what it is possible to speak for hours by phone?“ Yes about everything! To the woman process of communication is important.

Therefore if she wants to punish the offender, she just ceases to talk to him. To the man such games “in silence“ are unclear. “What is the matter?“ - he asks. In reply to it shrug shoulders and speak: “In anything!“ Like, itself guess. And it neither dream, nor spirit! He should explain everything, to classify emotions: this is in one cogitative locker, that is in another. He does not understand signs and symbols of her experiences. As they say, “it is one woman another sees through, for the man - the woman, as a rule, a riddle“ (S. Maugham).

From - behind this of ill-fated “crossing point“ it is difficult for man to tell also about own feelings. The companion will be rumpled, to mumble something about the fact that “you already know“, eventually, will cry out: “Yes I love you, the silly woman!“ It is simpler to man in love to make something when he is overflowed by feelings: to jump over a fence, to dig a bouquet of flowers, to fight with the rival.

It is worth pricking up the ears if the beloved begins to spin any verbal laces. Something here not so! One or the other: or tries to think up some “excuse“, or of something it is guilty (that, in principle, same). Playful “Don zhuana“ are not at a loss for a word too. All approaches at them are fulfilled, can spur as on written: “I never before met such girl“, “I without you and will not live day“, “You are a violet in the desert of my loneliness“ etc. Long ago it is known that the one who is poorly captured by them easily speaks about feelings.

Verna and converse theorem. If the man becomes silent - means, he needs to think, make some fatal decision. He just wants to be alone to weigh all pros and cons. In such situation it is better not to stick to it with questions, type: “What happened? I see, you beside himself“ etc. Usually the man ceases to react to jokes and female appeals when he has serious problems at work, with debt obligations or with close people.

Therefore you should not “take a steam bath“ if the acquaintance passed by and did not tell you joyfully: “Hi!“ For certain thoughtfully reflected. Perhaps and about you. It so as a real man - to look for sweet when pie on the shelf lies.