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What do we get and we lose, working at the computer?

Are probable, many will agree that with the advent of the computer the new stage of development of humanity began. Our life is almost inconceivable without computer and the Internet today. Spending many hours behind the keyboard, we also do not know, than we should pay for this convenient benefit of a civilization.

Why we need the computer and the Internet?

Many use the computer as the typewriter. However there is an essential difference. Any personal computer the editor has text in whom it is possible not only to type the desirable text, but also to check spelling, to format also at desire to unpack.

The graphic editor allows to improve quality of photos and to make an unusual collage. In graphic programs it is possible to draw pictures or to carry out difficult technical drawings.

Fast development of computer technologies led to emergence of the Internet . The worldwide information network provides to any user access to large volume of information on any branch of knowledge. Especially it is useful for school students and students who, without leaving the house, can obtain additional information on the studied objects.

Computers allow to contact on the Internet people in every spot on the globe by means of e-mail, instant messages and through Skype. The last program allows not only to hear, but also to see the interlocutor.

Many of us estimated convenience of purchases on Internet - shops , without leaving the house. By the way, it is necessary to use this service skillfully not to run into swindlers.

With the advent of the World web possibilities of the person to watch the favourite movie when he wants it, or to become the constant viewer of favourite TV channel through IP - television considerably extended.

The home computer and the Internet allow children, teenagers and adults to plunge into the magic world of computer games . It is possible to buy any game in shop, or to be connected to popular games online. Every year computer games become more difficult and more fascinating. At fans of an eye run up from the offered abundance.

Computers and the Internet provide to any person access to huge arrays of information and facilitate communication process with each other. But not everything is so good in “the Danish kingdom“.

What price of hours-long sitting at the computer?

If to answer in a word, then this our health. Let`s talk in more detail, than we risk, spending hours, days and weeks in a static pose, continuously looking at the monitor.

Syndrome of a carpal tunnel. Likely, many users faced this problem. Pain and sleep of a hand. The reason of it is pinching of a nerve in the channel of a wrist. It arises at constant load of hand muscles at a large number of monotonous movements when moving a mouse, at the wrong and uncomfortable position of hands during the work with the keyboard. Both in that and in other case the wrist is in constant tension.

Backbone diseases. During the work at the computer the spine column most often suffers. The main reason for a disease of a backbone is the wrong pose during the work on the personal computer. At children emergence of the wrong bearing and curvature of a backbone is quite probable. At adult users hernia of intervertebral disks can develop. It is in turn fraught with squeezing of the nervous terminations and development of radiculitis.

Problems with a gastrointestinal tract. the People who are carrying out at the computer the whole days sometimes do not think of what they eat. Irregular monotonous food leads to violation of work of a digestive tract. At such way of life gastritises and stomach ulcer - “the first guests“. Lack of normal food can lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals of an organism. Gipovitaminoz and deficiency of minerals leads to a metabolic disorder. Obesity can develop, the probability to get diabetes is high.

At irregular food as it will seem strange, mental abilities of the person decrease and efficiency of his work falls. It leads to the fact that the user has to spend even more time at the computer.

Hemorrhoids. Working for the personal computer, the person long time remains motionless. It has an adverse effect on blood circulation in all organism, but this process is especially dangerous to bodies of a small pelvis. At long violations of blood circulation leading of nutrients to fabrics is broken. For example, developments of stagnation of blood lead to an inflammation and expansion of the gemorroidalny veins leading to formation of knots in a rectum. Hemorrhoids are the most widespread disease at the people who are working hard at the computer hours in motionless situation.

Hypotrophy of muscles. Here is how developing of this pathology of people, working at the computer till many hours daily describes: “ Ya man. I am 40 years old, height is 183 cm, weight is about 100 kg. The way of life is motionless. Work for 10 - 14 hours at the computer and a pile of papers. 3 - 4 years ago the sleep and “goosebumps“ of V - go and the outer side of IV - go a finger of the left hand began. Noticed eight months ago that the atrophy of muscles of a palm of the left hand, especially between big and a forefinger is already obviously expressed. … after … distortions of separate muscle fibers in hands, legs, on a stomach, and also a century and a nostril began … Further within half a year there was a weight loss of surrounding fabrics around elbow and golenny joints …“

Deterioration in sight. If has to watch long time for the monitor, reading texts, for example, it can lead that to deterioration in sight and development of various diseases of eyes. There were new terms for the name of the eye diseases connected with work on the personal computer.

The asthenopia, or a display illness is characterized by the fact that eyes lose ability to perception of the objects located at different distances i.e. to accommodation. It is connected with an overstrain of the ciliary body representing a muscular ring in which there is a crystalline lens. The refracting ability of a crystalline lens changes depending on reduction of muscles of a ciliary body. At a constant overstrain the ciliary body loses ability to be reduced.

Syndrome of dry eyes - it the disease is caused by violation of moistening of a cornea plaintive liquid. During the work at the computer blinking frequency considerably decreases and the surface of a cornea dries. The person feels burning, eyes and eyelids redden. Such condition of eyes becomes chronic of - for a lack of food of covers and moistening.

Long work increases risk of such diseases as by the personal computer far-sightedness, short-sightedness and even glaucoma .

Stress. Working at the computer, the user passes through himself a huge number of information, at the same time it has to be most attentive. Continuous stay in such state can lead to development of frustration of attention and inability to concentrate on some task. It is connected with chronic overfatigue and fatigue. If it stays in such state for a long time, then it leads to development of a chronic stress.

Computer dependence. Some people so get sick with “virtual space“ that they prefer not to get out of the Internet for days, forgetting that there is real life. If at least for a while to isolate such people from the World web, then they have mental problems: concern, feeling of alarm, strong emotional excitement.

Cyberdependent people can “plow for hours Internet open spaces“ in search of the necessary and unnecessary information, for hours to sit in chats or at forums, to communicate with “virtual friends“ on social networks. Fans of computer games “live“ in them, as in the real world. There is also other category the Internet - players are fans of gamblings in virtual casinos. Someone watches on the Internet movies in the mode non - stop. Someone is attracted by the pornwebsites …

Computers and the Internet strongly entered our life, but with their emergence the person who is long working at the computer risks to get the whole bunch of unpleasant and dangerous diseases. What it is necessary to make not to get to this trap? About it the speech in the following article will go.