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Where the film is shot? In the Rostov Kremlin! “I somewhere it already saw

...“ - tourists wrinkle a forehead, having entered the Rostov Kremlin. This ensemble of the 17th century is familiar to general public not according to school textbooks any more. And according to the movie “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes a Profession“. The movie was 40 years old recently, it is in public loved.

In the museum “Rostov Kremlin“ communication of ensemble with the movie is beaten: tourists put on in tsarsko - seigniorial suits and are photographed on a porch of Red chamber. The museum offers game based on the movie. This winter in the Kremlin Leonid Kuravlev was journey. Moving in an environment of television cameras, the actor got to the company of participants of game - and accompanied of Improvisation with an exchange of phrases from the movie made huge success and participants have games, and at the casual audience.

This movie was not either the first, or the only thing for Rostov. The city, the Kremlin are developed long ago by cinema-men. Behind nature - whether Ancient Russia whether the deaf province - they habitually go to Rostov.

The film biography of the small regional city, began, perhaps, the movie “Peter I“ shot in 1937 . From this movie reached up to now: “Freshen the nip, the lightest!“, or “Maiden? Is not present any more“. The Rostov Kremlin appears in the movie once. Ancient Russia is symbolized by a panorama of the Cathedral Square: Assumption Cathedral, a belfry, Church of the Resurrection with the flanking towers.

The following “Rostov“ movie - “Communist“ (1957). There is no Kremlin in the movie. Other historical and cultural monument appears: the railway station which is not existing nowadays, destroyed in Post-Soviet time - strange to a stroyenyitsa in modernist style, capacious and cozy. The movie can be remembered, in addition, also the fact that with it yes “The swan lake“ the television in days of mourning on deceased secretaries general pleased us.

In 1965 there was a movie “Tridtsat tri“ . Vicinities of the Kremlin became the city the Top Poles, the house of crafts trading nowadays in souvenirs on Podozerka - Ivan Sergeyevich Travkin`s housing (Evgeny Leonov). The Kremlin was a background and for the hero`s campaign to the stomatologist, and for the train moving to Travkin`s house and for silent return of the hero home.

In 1967 the “Rostov“ plot is seen in the movie “Seven notes in height“ . The documentary, I would not mention it if not one detail. It for the first time staticizes the Rostov bell-ringings. And by that brings them and a belfry in an arsenal of cinematographers.

In 1968 there are “Brothers Karamazov“ . The last film of Ivan Pyryev - he managed to prepare shootings, to carry out them - having chosen Rostov, its Kremlin and Gostiny dvor as the place where there is an action. After death of the master installation was finished by friends and pupils. The movie became cult, was nominated for “Oscar“, its Japanese association awarded with the prize “Pearl“ amateur filmmakers.

In 1969 in the movie “Seven old men and one girl“

on a cathedral belfry of Rostov it appears b... Fantomas. This character then made victorious procession along the USSR therefore he dreamed one of heroes of the movie traveling around the lake in the submarine, and then - running on a cathedral fencing and shaking on a bell-tongue “Sysy“.

In the same 1969 there was the Rostov Kremlin in the children`s fairy tale “Cheerful magic“ .

1971 in the film biography of the Kremlin brought two episodes. In the movie “Hold clouds“ the Kremlin was a background for a number of gallows. The movie did not make success, did not rescue Gunar Tsilinsky, Andrey Mironov, Vasily Shukshin`s its participation.

The second movie - “The person on the other hand“ . On the ferry on the lake the engineer Krymov (Vyacheslav Tikhonov who just acted in “We will live till Monday“) floats with the young wife - on the Rostov Podozerka with a panorama of the Kremlin they are waited by the hero`s mother.

In 1972 we see the Rostov Kremlin in to “Ruslana and Lyudmila“ removed in any way not less than in “Ivan Vasilyevich“ who followed on screens a year later.

In the comedy “Improbable adventures of Italians in Russia“ (1973) Andrey Mironov with the company rushes in red “Muscovite“ by the Kremlin.

In 1978 the Kremlin got to a tape “My tender and gentle animal“ . Heroes go in a carriage by the wall protecting the Metropolitan garden of the Rostov Kremlin, a background slip panoramas and details of other buildings, iron Nero`s lakes.

The same year in Rostov removed “A tavern on Pyatnitskaya“ . “The citizen companion barin“ is from there. Pashka America teaches life Alenka exactly at an entrance to museum cafe...

In 1982 there was a movie “Tears dripped“ . Again Daneliya removes Leonov in Rostov, this time the hero of the last goes on the lake, having been going to be drowned.

In 1986 two movies are connected with the Rostov Kremlin. In “Boris Godunov“ heroes come to a porch of Red chamber from time to time. “The end of the operation “Resident““ shows the Kremlin at first a fragment in a window of savings bank, then when the spy, having received money, goes outside, - a panorama. This savings bank with its turns and now on the same place...

In 1987 “Infinity“ is removed in Rostov . The movie appeared only in 1991, Marlen Khutsiev called it the best work. The hero, having escaped from the capital, goes to the city of the youth. Also this city is made of Rostov and Rybinsk. Those boondocks on which there is Vladislav Pilnikov`s hero, over which shines pyatiglavy the Rostov Assumption Cathedral, - they and now are that, as in the movie.

1990 - in “Imperial hunting“ closed sleighs roll out between the western wall of the Rostov Kremlin and an arcade of Gostiny dvor...

In 1995 in the Chinese movie “Red cherry“ the Kremlin is removed plentifully. Both inside, and outside. Besides unusually: as a concentration camp.

The movie “Police officers and thieves“ (1997) did without the Kremlin - the Yakovlevsky monastery was a background for Vyacheslav Nevinny and Gennady Hazanov`s adventures.

List this not full, of course. The 21st century already brought in the list movies “March - a throw“ (2003), series “Kotovsk“ (2009), “Split“ (2011). Recently there took place shootings of series “Romanov“ , “Happy childhood“ , one more film crew the other day runs.

Such dense communication of the city with cinema-men gives rise to the special relation at locals to this art form. They see not only the final product of work of cinematographers, but observe shootings, comprehend technology.

In family archives Rostovtsev among other photos - a set of pictures with episodes of shootings. Though “Ivan Vasilyevich“ though “Split“ - Rostov or participate in mass meetings, or pass by with the camera on call - and see: “About! The film is shot!“