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Accident in the Moscow subway or nevertheless act of terrorism?

It is known that the accident which happened in the Moscow subway on July 15, 2014 claimed 21 human lives, in a serious condition there are some more tens people, victims more than 160 and evacuated more than one and a half thousand … The version of act of terrorism for some reasons is swept aside by officials though such version eyewitnesses and observers moved forward. So, for example, Denis Alekseev in the note “Accident in the Moscow subway: act of terrorism, breakage or bloody advertizing“ (reference: com/post/view/5464) cites from the page on Facebook of Andrey Ashkerov:

“I do not remember that in the subway so many people for other reason, except act of terrorism perished at once. However, - that is at all in news, - this version is not discussed anywhere anywhere. That in itself Denis Alekseev in the same note gives rise to suspicions“

In this regard tells the following:

“A case this unprecedented at least because there are already a lot of years from - for accidents in the subway people did not perish. Exceptions draw up acts of terrorism, but since the morning of the power of the capital excluded this version. Unwillingness of officials and investigators even to consider terrorist attack as the possible reason of an event, surprised experts. whether“

Lie, strange? And it when on Hugo - the East of Ukraine there is a civil war and shells of the Ukrainian security officers get on the territory of the Russian Federation (on the border) … Nobody sees behind it carefully planned scenario, and what occurred in Ukraine, was developed by reactionary circles in Ukraine even long before disorders on the Maidan. For example, traces of it we find in a popular computer game “Metro: Last Light“ the Ukrainian developer “4A Games“ with direct participation of the German publisher “Deep Silver“ which left in the USA on May 14, 2013 in the European Union and Russia on May 17 the same year what it is possible to learn from Wikipedia about: wikipedia. org/wiki/Metro: _ Last_Light

the Picture directly - apocalyptic … The scene of action of a computer game occurs in the half-ruined Moscow subway and Moscow destroyed from war that “Metro 2033“ on a novel of the same name of Dmitry Glukhovsky was continuation of other game of the same Ukrainian developer (“4A of Games“). It would be pertinent to mention that what happened on the Kiev Maidan, bore to a plot from both games a strong resemblance … In particular plot of the last game, namely “Metro: Last Light“ which opens a terrible picture of civil war. However the most interesting even not it, but another … In one of informal additions to this game we have an accident in Moscow Metro on a stage from Victory park. Whether coincidence it or nevertheless someone tries to recreate this situation to intimidate hospitable Muscovites? It is hard to say, but the event is really significant. And Denis Alekseev in the same note “Accident in the Moscow subway pays attention to it: act of terrorism, breakage or bloody advertizing“:

“This feature is noted also by the executive director of the Center of the political analysis Vyacheslav Danilov who wrote to Facebook: “Between stations with the words “Sloviansk“ and “Victory“ it is worth thinking of the state of emergency symbolical value“.

Certainly, we cannot claim that there was an act of terrorism, but in the true reason to understand all - follows because, it is possible that accident in Moscow Metro someone was artificially created and carefully given for accident. Why this truth is so important? Because the truth can help to raise security measures in Moscow Metro and to prevent death of hundreds more and thousands of lives from similar accidents or acts of terrorism.