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Again about suntan? Povtorenye is mother of the doctrine

“On sand hot the beach a body female lay, the body of color of black soot swallowed of an ultraviolet...“ Someone told that each part of a human body has the ideal of happiness. You are sure that our skin is eager to look as “uniform“ of baked potato?

And such we quite often bring it home after holiday.

Skin - the largest member of the body, it makes about 16% of its lump. Skin of the person - the ideal body which is specially simulated for maintenance of life. We can live without ear, a nose or an eye, but without skin of people does not live. It is the most difficult body consisting of various layers in which there are nervous terminations, blood vessels, hair follicles, grease and sweat glands. Skin represents the real overworking chemical plant for all body.

“Skin of the person is a miracle of evolutionary engineering! “ - the enthusiastic writer exclaims. Really, it protects internals from influence of environment, regulates body temperature, neutralizes harmful bacteria. Skin of the first assumes blow of the ruthless sun under which we through folly set up ourselves and the children. At least therefore skin in which we live is worthy if not love, then attention and respect.

June... The calendar shows: it is time to want in holiday, to the country, on the small river, at the sea. There is a wish to forget all problems, to have a rest from city bustle, to bathe, lie down on the beach. “The body missed suntan...“ And here on this question give - we will dwell. What body and on what suntan?

The prominent American dermatologist of Harvard medical school professor Thomas Fitspatrik will help to answer these absolutely not idle questions to us. Its reference book - the atlas on dermatology is the reference book of all doctors of the world.

In 1975 it made original classification of types of skin of the person by a susceptibility of sunshine. It is based that skin color, an eye and a hair of the person (and also animals) depends on the maintenance in them of a pigment which is called melanin. The its is more, the shade of skin, a hair and an eye is more dark. These distinctions are caused by a hereditary factor. Lack of melanin at albinos - quite rare congenital defect - does them such noticeable.

It is necessary to have a clear idea of the phototype, of features of solar impact on your skin and of those means of protection which will minimize harm from suntan. Let`s approach a mirror, we will attentively consider the reflection and we will decide to what phototype our appearance belongs.

the First, “Celtic“ phototype (for example, Nichole Kidman)

Skin - very white, pinkish, gentle, thin, is frequent with freckles; eyes - blue, light-gray, light-green; hair - light-fair-haired, light-red. Skin of this type in principle cannot receive suntan. On the sun in 7-8 minutes it reddens, goes spots. Protection - SPF 30 above.

of the Second, “East - European“ phototype (for example, Marilyn Monroe)

Skin - light, sometimes with freckles; eyes - gray, blue, green; hair - fair-haired, light-chestnut, red. Skin of this kind is capable to receive weak suntan, easily burns. No more than 15 minutes can stay without protection on a bright sun. Protection - SPF 30.

the Third, “so-so - European“ phototype (for example, Audrey Hyopbern)

Skin - smuglovaty, without freckles; eyes - brown; hair - chestnut, dark-fair-haired. Skin of this kind quickly receives suntan of average intensity, but be careful - at first it is possible to burn. Can stay without protection on a bright sun of 25 minutes. Protection - SPF 15.

the Fourth, “is southern - European“ phototype (for example, Ashvaraya Ry)

Skin - swarty, without freckles; eyes - brown, black; hair - dark-brown, black. Skin of this kind sunbathes easily, quickly, intensively, almost never burns, suntan keeps long. Can stay without protection on a bright sun of 35-40 minutes. Protection - SPF 15 for prevention of dehydration and drying of skin that leads to its presenilation.

We will not consider the fifth “Indonesian“ and the sixth “African“ phototypes as not really typical for the population of Russia.

On all means of protection from sunlight you will find the SPF index - Sun Protective Factor. It is very easy to calculate what means is necessary for you. For this purpose that time which you can spend unprotected on a bright sun (for example, 15 minutes) is necessary, to increase by the index specified on packing, for example SPF15 - 15. The result is equal to 225 minutes or about 4 hours.

That is by means of an index the concrete duration of safe stay is defined as some think on the sun, but not the mythical “force of protection“. And nevertheless, cream should be applied 2 - 3 more times on skin even during this caused time.

Pay attention! It is necessary to apply protective cream (mousse, gel, spray) not on the beach, and in 15 minutes prior to an exit from the house. You put means with a uniform layer, generously imposed cream quickly will heat up that can lead to a burn. The rule “the more the better“ in this case does not work.

Before holiday do not forget to check an expiration date of sun-protection means: these preparations work within a year since packing opening. Old it is necessary to throw out without regret, it - not protection.

And in conclusion once again about features of skin. It not only the largest and clever member of the body, but, unfortunately, and most “vindictive“. Sometimes davny the solar burn - long ago got, forgotten and seemingly passed without trace can halloo suddenly a serious dermatological disease. Probably therefore when - to doctors ask sceptics a question when it is better to acquire a tan, they answer unambiguously: “At night!“

Coming back by the beginning of article, I want to tell that it intentionally quoted only the first ridiculous stanza of this ironic rhyme because the final - is sad.