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What interesting it is possible to learn about songs of an album “Blood type“?

at me densely are associated With an album of CINEMA “Blood type“ 1988 - year when I graduated from school and entered the institute. The song of the same name with characteristic “That is yes, that is yes.“ it was so often executed in obshchezhitsky kitchen that I cannot still pereslushivat this composition - so it became boring to me...

Can therefore thinking and the simple yornichesky song of group LENINGRAD makes laugh:
In the tape recorder is played by Kino group. You tell
to me: switch off it. the lake
breaks You from any second-hand articles.
Shut up, it is favourite my song.
Oh, of GRU - at - an uppa of blood on - and a sleeve - e - e!

If it is serious, then “Blood type“ , really remarkable composition. Moderately romantic, moderately heroic. However, on a sleeve to the soldier information on a blood type was not sewed anywhere - not the most reliable place... The former cellist of the AQUARIUM - Vsevolod Gakkel - remembered that he for the first time mentioned in conversation with Tsoi the phrase “Blood type“ as the suitable name for fate - groups. The name to Victor was remembered and became the song.

Though many guitar parties were thought out by Yury Kasparyan, Tsoi brought “Blood type“ already thought over “completely“. It is necessary to tell that new “heroic“ material of the leader was pleasant to members of CINEMA, but they complained that in songs there is not enough irony. As a result, they nearly wrote down the song about “serial number“... in style of the disco, but the leader right there stopped similar mockery.
the Album in general turned out very serious. And here still there was “Needle“ where the courageous Tsoi who is meanly pierced with a drug mafia knife with the last bit of strength rises and hard goes on bloody snow under rhythms of a header song. Praise to the Lord that the director Nugmanov had enough taste to reduce excessive pathos of the moment the idiotic voice-over broadcasting that “on this optimistic note we also finish our movie“ .

The song “Blood type“ exists in two arrangements. One - initial, and the second - with more rollicking keys, entered the vinyl collection “The Last Hera“. Joanna Stingrey hoping to promote CINEMA abroad insisted also on record of the English-language version known under the name “Blood Type“.

If the song “Blood type“ fairly bothered me, then the second composition - “Close behind me a door“ - still I pereslushivat with pleasure. There are in it some gloomy beauty and mood... Besides, here in full power it was developed, specially invited to the record “Blood types“, the keyboard player - Andrey Sigle. He was not a fan, but the professional therefore worked for free not. But also worked as hours. His children in the end “Asked to play close behind me a door“ solo “in the spirit of Rachmaninov“ - it and gave a heat. Yes so that then members of CINEMA very much regretted that they cannot repeat the same in concert option...

The third song - “War“ - was for me actually the first. The first song of an album which I heard and which wrote down directly from the TV. It just sounded in the Look program and accompanied the shots illustrating unpopular then war in Afghanistan.
similar “pulling for ears“ was never pleasant to Tsoi. He in general managed to write texts which corresponded to spirit of an era and at the same time did not carry a topical social binding. Just it esthetically was impossible to Tsoi. Therefore he refused to explain sense of lines it seems of “between the earth and the sky war“ . Yes, however what here to explain? But even excessive simplicity of the text did not prevent me to admire sounding of “War“ with its drama funk rhythm.

The following song - “Quiet Night“ - is not really loved by me (somehow a vyalovat), but very loved by masses. Speak, it was accepted enthusiastically even by the Danish public when the CINEMA acted in 1988 in Copenhagen.
In the song Tsoi the next time addressed a favourite night subject, but now solved it not in romantic, and in a protest key.

I waited for this time, and this time has come,
Those who were silent, ceased to be silent...

the Sound producer Alexey Vishnya remembers one “mystical“ case connected with this song, especially with a line “Neighbors come, it hears knock of hoofs...“ : “We had a general depression - from a song. Vitka so executed it then - slowly, very tragicly. When I left for work, they remained to listen to material and to my wife neighbors from below came and told that they very much ask not to intrude upon leisure - probably, listened “Quiet Night“ very loudly - their grandmother died today...“ .

“Quiet Night“ long ago - in 1986 was written. There was it in Kiev where Tsoi arrived to shooting “the End of Vacation“. The movie, as a matter of fact, any is also valuable musical shots now.
“Night“ in that movie did not sound. But two more old compositions of an album sounded - “Try to sing together with me“ and with “We further will act“ (it is present also at the documentary of R. Nugmanov “Ya Haa“ and sounds more rigidly, than on an album). It is combative - the youth mood of these songs, most likely, is inspired by Kinchev`s anthems, and their contents does not correspond to late image of Tsoi as soldier yet - singles.

One more it is aggressive - the fighting song - “Mother, all of us went crazy“ - was written on the basis of Grigory Guryanov`s riff. Which - who sees plagiarism of the song “A Forest“ of CURE group in this riff though as on me, the speech can go only about influence. And the name of a song, for certain, was inspired by composition of SLADE “Mama Weer All Crazee Now“ group.

One of the most beautiful songs of an album with sharp transition of a rhythm is “In our eyes“ . It - one of the most social songs, a certain reply to “My generation“ of ALICE group. But also here Tsoi in a habitual manner reduced everything to simple words and symbols: “We wanted to drink - there was no water...“, “That it is necessary for you? Choose“ .

As I already wrote, it is not enough ironical songs on an album. In fact, exactly two. One of them - frankly punk, rowdy-dowdy and foolish - “Hey, the passerby, pass, eh, yet did not receive“ . Nearly beat for it in an electric train the animation heroine Masyanya. And of “Passerby“ discarded many stalls of a sound recording from an album to finish record duration to accepted 45 - a minute format.
And Tsoi wrote down this song, being guided by the strange principle that on an album there has to be one “snivel“, i.e. the weak song. Anyway, “Passerby“ on “Blood type“ looked absolutely inappropriate.

More organically other ironic song under the strange name “Boshetunmay“ fitted in . Tsoi always laughed the matter off that “Boshetunmay“ - it is simple “the magic word“. However his friends - Guryanov and Nugmanov unanimously claimed that it is one of slang names of hemp though nobody so plainly to explain etymology and could not. And the song was written under impression going on tour in the Union of a reggae - UB groups - 40.
Though in the song is also a line “And from our pipes there is an unusual smoke“ , Tsoi did not smoke hemp. But it postebatsya much in the text over the colleagues. For example, that, “who studied in a special school“ - it is obvious Boris Grebenshchikov who finished a mathematical special school. A line “All say that we in - the place...“ - a hint on Kinchev`s anthem “We together“. And monotonous transfer “light, gas, phone, hot water … Near the subway, the center...“ style of the Moscow CENTER group parodies.

“Legend“ - the sad ballad about the died soldiers became the last song of an album. It is, probably, one of the most poetical texts of Tsoi. Thanks to “Legend“ the album found logical effective end and by right became classics of the Soviet fate.

... Also the decline,
I wolves burned with a funeral fire watched stars from clouds.
As, having stretched hands, lay left at night,
I as fell down a vpovalka live, without having dreams...

And “life“ - only the word, is only love and there is a death...
Hey! And who will sing if all sleep?
Death is worth it to live,
A love is worth it to wait...

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