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To birthday of Victor Tsoi. How CINEMA group wrote down the best album “Blood type“?

During a reorganization era only two domestic fate - an album had really mass popularity. It is, of course, “Separation“ of group NAUTILUS and “Blood type“ of CINEMA group. They in successful proportions combined topical character with the bright memorable melodies.

“Blood type“ defined Victor Tsoi`s image the next three years. It was the image of the severe heroic guy dressed in black and singing by a deep uterine voice.
is difficult to believe Today that before Tsoi associates developed a bit different concept. Namely - to write a fashionable youth dance music in romantic spirit of DURAN DURAN (see albums “Night“ and “It Is not Love“). But in 1986 - 87 years it became clear that the similar direction is irrelevant - the heroics and a social protest became fashionable. Mikhail Borzykin urged “To leave from - under control“, and Konstantin Kinchev sang about generation which “is silent on corners“.
success of ALICE group forced Tsoi to become thoughtful strong over new trends. And though he bantered at Kinchev in the song “Boshetunmay“ ( “All say that “We in - the place“, all speak, but the few know in what...“ ), it seems “Try to sing other its songs together with me“ - the obvious response to creativity of the leader ALICE.

The new block of “heroic“ songs CINEMA group presented at a festival Leningrad fate - club in the spring of 1987. Surprisingly, but listeners accepted a new image of CINEMA rather cold though the group and was given the strange prize “For Creative Majority“.
Tsoi at heart took offense, but it did not shake his confidence in correctness of the chosen way. In the same spring the group sat down at record of a new album. This time they could do it, without resorting to Andrey Tropillo`s studio. The matter is that American Joanna Stingrey is the propagandist of the Soviet fate and the wife of the guitarist of CINEMA Yury Kasparyan - presented to group of port - MT Yamaha - 44 studio even with four channels of record. For those times for amateur group it was more than cool! Against records of those years “Blood type“ and today sounds not bad.

As a result the group registered in comfortable house conditions - on the apartment of the drummer of group of Grigory Guryanov. By the way, drums decided to use electronic - an opportunity to soundly register live percussions was not. It turned out so conveniently that subsequently on studio albums will sound only dramas - cars.

Upon termination of record there was one more problem - data of an album. After long thoughts for a role of the sound producer of the data the young pupil of Andrey Tropillo - Alexey Vishnya was chosen. On his memoirs data of “Blood type“ passed in a smoke of the awful Cuban Ligeyros cigarettes (I smoked such only in the years of cigarette crisis and called “nervously - paralytic“) and continuous demonstration of methods of karate by Tsoi.
Should tell that the dumbest movies with Bruce Lee those years were watched with intense interest, and Tsoi was very much imposed by this image of the master of martial arts. Considering the east appearance and congenital reticence, Tsoi played for certain and any more did not go back from this image a step.

After completion of work over “Blood type“ Tsoi declared to Vishnya that the film should be transferred to Joanna Stingrey in the morning. The sound producer with surprise learned that the group is not going to publish so remarkable album on which he worked free of charge in the homeland. It was planned that vinyl will come out in the USA at once, for the present there is a fashion on “glasnost - perestroyka“.
I then Vishnya makes a spontaneous and ambiguous act - flies by plane to Moscow to Andrey Lukinov at night - to one of the chief distributors of tape recordings on the Union. From the original the copy is fast made, and Vishnya departs back to Leningrad to give a film to Joanna.

After that - fall of 1987 - nothing not suspecting Tsoi right there goes in Alma - Atu to shooting “Needle“. And here...

V. Tsoi:
“Arrived, walked round the city, I look, at kooperativshchik lies. CINEMA, 1988, “Blood type“. To Leningrad arrived - and here at every turn, in each stall. And on polls of the Smena newspaper the album wins first place. And all cooperatives say that the written most down group is a CINEMA. Well, I think how all is excellent - that...“.

Actually Tsoi had dual feelings. On the one hand - it was evil on Vishnya`s “insidiousness“, with another - thanks to a network of stalls of a sound recording, the album scattered across the USSR for few days.
a Certain push of popularity of CINEMA was given also by a powerful flare in to - f “Assa“ (1987) from songs “Changes!“ (which, however, did not enter an album). Soon in the Look program also two songs from “Blood type“ - “War“ and “In our eyes“ were lit.
left Then “Needle“, “A star by the name of the Sun“ and rushed! Tsoi`s popularity grew by leaps and bounds. And after experienced Yury Ayzenshpis was engaged in producer business of group, the CINEMA became the only thing fate - collective which could compete in 1989 - 90 years with expansion of TENDER MAY.

However among colleagues the relation to an album “Blood type“ was difficult.

A. Tropillo: “Should tell
that Tsoi was always broken off between the tragedy, gravity and popsy. And the tragedy cannot be pop. Just by definition. Therefore the way which was found by Tsoi, formed it further and did not allow it to change. He became the slave to this way. It is a way courageous a pop-music. Tsoi gradually got into the image created not only him, but also group. And if BG could change own image at some moment, then Tsoi, in my opinion, in latest albums only finished drawing this image and to change something to it there was a reluctance and it is not necessary. But it is absolutely clear that it is a deadlock branch and this way could not bring anywhere. Therefore the musical end of CINEMA was obvious to me“.

B. Grebenshchikov: “Me it seems to
, reaction of listeners of that time changed its way. And he wrote songs which were necessary. Such people, as it, sharply feel that on mind at everyone. It made it that “the last hero“, but I am not sure that it was to it on advantage“.

the Aforesaid does not cancel that “Blood type“ - an album remarkable almost entirely consisting of hits at all. But I will tell about songs of an album in more detail already in the following article.