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“I look for work on the Internet!“ What it is necessary to know to become mother - the freelancer?

On writing of this article I was pushed by “Doubting Thomas“ who very often tries to prove to me that my way of earnings is unreal and does not bring in incomes. Brings, and still as! And I want to tell you what should be known to achieve result.

it will be a question of rewriting and a copywriting, as of the “simplest“ way of earnings Here (having read up up to the end, you have to understand why “elementary“ is quoted).

Give at first truthfully we will look at ourselves. Which of you did not grow lazy in the decree?

“To work? Ouch and well. I should cook soup / to clean the apartment / to walk the child / to reach itself, eventually“.

I here I very much will even agree with you. It is necessary to be the most real virtuoso to combine incongruous. But not for nothing women are capable to do several things at the same time? Therefore our task - to send this energy to the creating course.

And well to remember the first that should be made - to understand: the rewriting / copywriting is the same work as all! One mother works as the seller, the second - the secretary, the third - the director. All of them work daily and sometimes to the detriment of themselves and the children. Mothers who work as freelancers work every day, and they should endow something too. And how differently? If we want stable, average (we will not climb in TOPS yet) the income, two hours a day and laziness should not be!

The main mistake of all beginners - lack of accurately formulated purpose. The purpose has to be always and everywhere then to peret to it with great strides. I as the psychologist tell it to you. Check, and you will understand that it became simpler to live.

We set the purpose . To buy a small black dress, to pay housing and communal services and so forth. If it is interesting to you, I set to myself the big global object - to buy the apartment. Naturally, I will not be able to make it writing of articles, but... I can spend the additional income for payment of a communal flat or the girly trifles, and already free part of a salary of the husband will go to a jug to the apartment. Clear, huh? the Motivation has to be strong. Well, or to set the object at least one razik to reach the end and to learn what you are capable of. Such here sports interest turns out.

To be able to compose - there is more to come . You never pass quotations in 10 rubles for 1000 symbols if you do not work on yourself. Special literature or the websites where you will be told all subtleties, secrets and nuances. You know why it is necessary? In - the first, literacy. Nobody will want to pay more if not to deserve it. In - the second, it appears, texts happen different too: articles, advertizing, the CEO - texts for the websites, responses... And all this is written by the rules and troubles. In - the third, it is always necessary to aspire to bigger and, therefore, to self-study. From 10 rubles to hundred, then to write the CEO or to learn to bomb the websites. Then in general it is possible not to come to work, you will be able to feed all family without leaving the house.

Tell nobody that you mother in the decree (it is council from own experience). Mothers in the decree often detain works or complain that could not because Kolenk`s was unwell with quinsy . All to spit! Forgive that is rough. In freelance - as in the war. Rasshibis, die, but hand over work in time! Also there will be to you happiness. Through work and persistence the name, a rating and increase in payment is earned. And your task - to make impression of the person knowing responsible and in general it without which well vaashche it is impossible for the employer in any way.

Write every day . Even Akunin conducts LJ in whom perfects skill. We are not Akunin therefore we should work on ourselves even more. Open LJ account, write at forums for mummies or to Shkolezhizni. ru, write for sale, write just like that. Work on a syllable and skill.

Laziness is more to you not the friend . It is necessary to work much to have a rest then with self-respect and the fulfilled duty.

It is possible to advise and open secrets indefinitely here. I wish you good luck and easy money. Be honest with yourself. Estimate forces and at fight! For freelancers there is a lot more work...