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Why women are tired?

“Want to have a rest!“ - often we hear such words or we say them - with grief from - for impossibility to make it, with pleasure of the forthcoming rest, is exhausted after long office day of work... Having read to

the name of this article, many will be surprised. It is obvious: when we work hard physically, we are tired. If we well worked, made much or passed - we are tired. But a question which it would be desirable to consider today, at all not about physical work and not about physical fatigue.

Why women are tired and how to be in shape when it is necessary?

When we analyze something, we create, we dream, we check or we read, at some point we begin to test fatigue. People test the greatest exhaustion how they long time are engaged in the activity connected with knowledge and thinking in general.

It is established and confirmed by scientists that mental work in itself and activity of a brain is not led to fatigue. Our brain can work without getting tired many hours in a row. Why then we feel tired after long cerebration?

Pay, please, attention to the body. Listen to yourself right now. How you sit in what pose? Whether equal you have a back? You are relaxed or strained, and in general, whether conveniently for you? What now happens to your person? Whether there is tension of muscles between eyebrows? Cheeks or jaws move what does language?

Move the attention to shoulders, to a vorotnikovy zone. This place most often gets tired, but at women this exhaustion is shown more often and more, than at men.

Move attention to legs, feel them, there are they on a floor or are crossed? And maybe, you in general sit some especially? In what parts of a body you feel tension now? If your body is not relaxed, so there is what leads you to a muscular and emotional tone, so and tension.

Three reasons of exhaustion:

the First is an emotional loading or even an overload.
the Second are alarms, concern, fears.
the Third is tension. Tension corporal or physical.

the question Arises: why we need such number of tension now? Why we permanently are in such state?

There is an opinion that difficult work assumes tension. And if when performing this work we strain, then it will be made better, quicker, more effectively etc. And then we transfer this habit to any other business, beginning to carry out with tension any, even habitual, action. It leads to fatigue, to useless waste of energy. Sil remains less, we do not relax - then such words sound: “I want to have a rest!“ It becomes more difficult to achieve the objectives. Eventually, we do not have forces on a family, on pleasure, on life.

Why does that happen? Most often it is a habit, just a habit to be in a tension. I do not speak about those moments when you have an emotional pressure when something disturbs you.

What to do when you observe physical tension needlessly? The answer simple - it is necessary to learn to relax. To learn to relax during any work. If you stand, you do not need to strain a back, hands, shoulders and a neck at this time. Only legs participate in this process in case you correctly stand. Same concerns any other situations. If you sit and perform the work connected with cerebration it is not necessary at all that your body was strained. For example, if during conversation you are in tension, then and your voice will be intense. But if to relax, the voice will begin to sound comfortably and harmoniously.

It is difficult? Unusually? Difficult? Let`s make it right now together. After reading of article make so that within five minutes nobody disturbed you. To abstract from sounds, it is possible to put on earphones. Begin

of the Practician of relaxation with

with the fact that allow the eyes to relax. Move the attention there and send them a signal. Relax. You can thank the expensive eyes for how truly they to you serve as a lot of benefit is brought. You will feel how muscles of eyes become less intense.

Further move the attention to a neck, to a jaw, send signals of relaxation there. Feel, present how these muscles become softer, and to you becomes easier and more comfortable. Feel all the person entirely, feel how it relaxed. Move attention to shoulders. If there is a desire - stretch, move shoulders, part hands in the parties, lower them down and send to shoulders signals of relaxation. “Expensive shoulders thank you that you bear on yourself all these freights. Now you have an opportunity to relax, relax, please“. Feel how your shoulders become weakened, soft.

Move attention below. A back, a thorax, legs - present attention of each of this of parts of a body and send them a signal of relaxation. Also feel how with each address you become quieter, and the body relaxes more and more. Feel, comfort, tranquility in each part of a body. At this time think of something pleasant. About rest, the nature, about that place where to you it would be very good. Dream, it will add relaxation.

Your body continues to relax now. But open eyes. Leave that easy trance to which all of you - got and, keeping this weakened condition of a body, continue to be engaged in the day affairs. After such relaxation your consciousness will receive an additional message to that you made something very important and significant.

And such relaxation you can see off at any time, especially, when you feel approach of fatigue. Many famous actors, strong and well-known in the area, use this way. Before stepping on the stage, they as much as possible relax, to a condition of a rag doll when the jaw powerlessly hangs, the look is defocused, and a body soft and pliable. Then the fatigue, nervousness and alarms leaves.

Is short about important

What needs to be done for relaxation and removal of tension after long activity? - watch the first working in a convenient pose. The second - trace yourself, pay attention to the body. As soon as feel tension, relax, allow it to leave. At the end of every day estimate as far as you were tired, and compare to that how many times in a day you remembered relaxation. This habit can enter your life only when you practice such way of relaxation often.

I wish you to be in a condition of comfort and relaxation always. Then successful activity and achievement of the objectives will not keep themselves waiting long. And if you feel in yourself “I want to have a rest!“ - devote to yourself 5 - 10 minutes, derive this pleasure!