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The master - a class from John Hughes: why to become great, it is not necessary to hurry to mature?

the Name of John Uilden Hughes - younger in the Hollywood niche of family and children`s movies more than known. He was a remarkable fun-loving person. It till the end of the such unfairly short life kept surprising ability to remain the child in the world of adults. Who better it was able to admire life and all its manifestations? Who the same as he, sincerely trusted in miracles and called for it the creativity of all people around?

the Remarkable director, the screenwriter, the producer John Hughes presented to the world such remarkable movies as “Home Alone“, “the Ringlet Sue“, “Beethoven“, and also many - many others. The generation already of the adults who received from it as a gift together with movies the bright, color, cheerful childhood is not even suspected that John Hughes made it that.

Future director Hughes on February 18 in 1950 in the city of Lansing, the capital of the State of Michigan was born. By the way, this town presented to Steven Seagal and Stevie Wonder`s world. But in far the fiftieth hardly anyone - that could think that not remarkable boy will grow up and will become the person who will shoot the most ridiculous children`s comedy from all, ever seeing light.

At Glenbrook North school of the town of Nortbruk he got acquainted with the future wife Nancey. In Nortbruk John moved in the childhood, and then he will immortalize this town in the movies: action of several of them happens in Shermerville, and Nortbruk became his prototype. John and Nancey got married in 1970, and several years later they gave birth to sons John Hughes the Third and James Hughes.

Those people who since the childhood are convinced of the mission to some business, some profession are happy. John Hughes was it also. He shot the first movie on the first comic story that wrote under impression of a trip with parents to Disneylend. By the way, travel was extremely unsuccessful and for this reason so sank down in soul to future screenwriter and the director. The story “Vacation 58“ later turned many years into the script for the comedy “Vacation“. The success of a picture was improbable, and Hughes decided to try not only as the screenwriter, but also as the director. The picture “16 candles“ which belongs now let not to classics of youth cinema, but to reference movies, certainly became his director`s debut.

But before the real rise of John Hughes to glory top still there were several years. After a release of the movie “Club Breakfast“ the director not only became famous, but took the place of honor among classics of youth cinema. This movie which is not really known to our viewer and by the way, very in vain, tells about how group absolutely different in a social status, authority on school, an occupation and interests of teenagers, having spent together at school the day off, suddenly recognize each other and itself is perfect from an unexpected side.

Of course, John Hughes not only the genre of youth comedies attracted. He removed them some more, and all of them were very successful - “Girls in pink“, “Science miracles“ and other, but nevertheless pulled the director to the present comedies. Its first comedy was the movie which is mentioned in various ratings of the best movies to this day - comedies is by “Plane, by train, by car“ with John Candy and Steve Martin in leading roles.

Gradually John Hughes improved and perfected the skill of the screenwriter and director, and all - the script of the movie about the little boy who stays at home absolutely one, in 1990 he wrote, on his assurance, is unexpected for itself. This movie “Home Alone“ does not need representation, as well as all its continuations.

It is always interesting to observe how history sorts things out. Whether you know that once John Hughes came to grief? He shot the movie which was considered in Hollywood so failure in respect of a box office that after it the director decided to stop being the director and to become screenwriters. The comedy melodrama “Sue`s Ringlet“ - cinema which touches hearts of the audience of the whole world still was this movie.

“Sue`s ringlet“ became the latest director`s work of John Hughes - only scenario and producer works were farther. He wrote scripts for such famous movies as “101 dalmatians“, all subsequent parts of the movie “Home Alone“, “Christmas holiday“, “Baby on Walk“, “Dennis Is the Torturer“ and “Flabber - a Poprygunchik“, and also to the movie “Beethoven“.

In 2009 John Hughes - the director, the screenwriter and the producer, the remarkable person able to find cheerful, ridiculous and joyful in the most different aspects of life, able to keep a childhood particle in own soul and to carry by it through all the life did not become. He died of heart attack on hands of the wife and children.

Together with it modern youth cinema was left by very important - ability to understand soul of the modern child, his problem and questions tormenting him, and then to give on them answers a clear and simple language. The movies John Hughes as if tried to tell the young viewer: “Look-! You not one - around you millions of same children with the same problems grow. Someone is able to cope with them independently, someone needs the help, but, anyway, it is not an occasion to cancel fun“.