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What political arena is similar to?

from screens of computers, TVs, mobile devices watch every day Millions of people political events. The governments of the states sign contracts, conduct negotiations, spin intrigues. Sometimes it seems that all this some nonsense, only lots of events... But whether it is worth giving in to this deceptive impression?

Whatever one may do, and political fights influence every day our life, we want it or not. Force of influence on internal state system sometimes very much depends on the population relation to these or those events. Even the neutral or indifferent relation can change world around to full unrecognizability. You do not trust? If is not present, then you, dear reader, obviously you do not wish to watch world news. In principle, such mood can be understood, so there is a wish to trust in the world without the evil and villains, but from disbelief angrily and villains will not get to anywhere.

So what political arena is similar to? Comparison arises by itself. Modern political arena is “the Wild West“ where the right strong has command over weak. However, not always and not everywhere so, but this analogy is closest to truth. Such situation is not new and it lasts much longer than two - three centuries. Each state follows, tries to follow or dreams to follow (depends on opportunities) only to the interests, sometimes these interests coincide with interests of other states. For all history of mankind only a few countries at a time could draw an independent political line.

If the number of independent players are always less than a total of players, what to do to those who does not possess a freedom of action fully? The answer is simple and lies on a foreground. It consists in banal support of this or that subject of big “chess“ game. It is possible to hold back that the people inhabiting the territory any of the supporting states sometimes have other opinion. “To hold back“ these for rather long history of the human world there was a set.

It is obvious that only one criterion from a huge number of it cannot serve in the modern world as a criterion of independence: strong army, stress-resistant economy, support of the population, existence of natural resources in a wide range, scientifically - technical achievements on high (even on advancing) level, strong industrial and production base and so on. Only the state having the majority of these qualities can count on more - less quiet life. Others need only to adjoin one of the parties and to hope for safety guarantees from “the big brother“...

But really position of the accompanying participants of party it deplorable? Absolutely not, but a lot of things depend on the prevailing idea of “queen“ (or “the big brother“) in relation to players - satellites. As a matter of fact, if to simplify, then such ideas only two: “to develop in common“, “to develop for the account“. The destiny of the small state often depends on this choice.