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What soap operas to watch in June, 2013?

So, started summer. For someone the summer is a heat and the sea, for someone - kitchen gardens and marinades, and for someone - attempt to pass away evenings in the stuffy apartment in the company with new interesting series. And if you love series, then this announcement will be interesting to you. What to watch in June, 2013?

“Family tree“ (Family Tree)

the First series which deserve attention are “A family tree“. A story about how the thirty-year-old guy for the first time meets the numerous relatives, the HBO channel together with the director Christopher Gest who is marked out among creators “Simpsonov“ and also the show “Saturday Evening on the Air“, legendary for the American television, tells us. A number of events, including death of the aunt in inheritance from whom there is a certain box pushes to studying of the family tree of the main character performed by Chris O`Dowd (“Little girls“, “Programmers“, “Fate - a wave“). Except it are engaged Tom Bennet from “Purely English murder“ in series, and also Nina Conti from “Bookstore of Blek“.

It is hard to say how many this mix of good humour and lovely absurd will hold on, but among screenwriters there is Jim Piddok who worked on “Friends“, “to Survive“ also “Ambulance“, and it is already the recommendation.

“Falling“ (The Fall)

the British TV men pleased fans of the tough drama with new series “Falling“ (“Crash“) which main decoration is the featured actress Gillian Anderson. It plays the detective Stella Gibson who gets into underworld of Northern Ireland to calculate and neutralize the serial maniac terrorizing the city of Belfast.

The series tighten though not since the very first minutes. But from - for Gillian Anderson`s presence does not leave feeling that to Ireland there arrived the agent Scully. Perhaps, it is subjective, but time will tell. Until everything is very stylishly removed - not to take away it from British - is not overloaded with an action, and characters of heroes reveal slowly, slowly, properly. Except Gillian in series Jemmy Dornan (“Once in the fairy tale“), John Lynch (“Marylin“) and Michael Makelkhatton from “Game of Thrones“ are engaged.

of “Goodwin`s Game“ (The Goodwin Games)

the Charge of good mood, undoubtedly, will present you new series “Goodwin`s Games“ from creators “As I met your mother“. Mr. Goodwin dies right after cheerfully finishes shootings of the original will. But it is not going to give to children inheritance just like that - not such it is the person. He arranges game in which, performing tasks of the dead, children compete with each other for the right to have inheritance.

The director Peyton Read tried to enclose in series all the best of the previous works - series “Newcomer“ and “Cashmere Mafia“, movies “Achieve Success“ and “To Hell Love!“. The cast very much pleases: there is Scott Fouli (“Doctor House“, “Passion anatomy“, “The city of predators“, “Clinic“), T.J. Miller (“The happy end“) and Becky Newton (“As I met your mother“, “Detective Rush“, “Captivated“) - all very charismatic and nice actors. Besides, at series the tremendous soundtrack - to them was engaged John Svaykhart who worked over music to such series as “University“, “On start!“ and “As I met your mother“. The soap opera, certainly, should be watched! “Call“ (Defiance)

Fans of a fantasy want to advise

the new series “Call“ shot on SyFy channel in a genre of the fantastic drama, habitual for the channel, and the fighter. Michael Nankin whom we know according to cult series “Star Cruiser Galaxy“ worked over creation of series, and also on work in “Remember that there will be“ and “C. S. I. Crime scene“. The actor`s ensemble is also very attractive. Here Grant Bouler (“The real blood“, “to Survive“), Juli Benz “Dexter`s Justice“, “Supernatural“), Tonni Karan (“Doctor Kto“, “Mentalist“), and also Jamie Murray are busy (“Storage 13“, “Double“, “Spartak: gods of the arena“).

A series plot trend - post-apocalyptic. After on Earth there passed the series of Pale wars, the planet represents very pathetic show - it is just the field of continuous opposition of the survived people of Earth and “ponaletevshy“ aliens. As a result the population all - guessed that “a lean compromise is better than a fat lawsuit“, and on the earth the truce set in. And now in the city inhabited by representatives of six different alien races, the simple soldier should undertake a role of the sheriff.

Judging from the fact that the series were at once prolonged for the second season, it started successfully. In any case, a pilot series impresses - there is a wish to look further.

of “Mistress“ (Mistresses)

One more series which we saw at the beginning of June and on which lay great hopes - “Mistresses“ (“Mistressts“).

In - the first, despite the name and the assumed subject, the genre of a TV show is declared as the thriller that already intrigues and guards at the same time.

In - the second, as those mistresses the magnificent Alyssa Milano, Kim Yeung Gene famous according to series “Survive“, and also charming Jess Makallan (“Shameless persons“, “Passion anatomy“), by Rochelle Eyts (“A white collar“, “Bones“, “Ambulance“) and Shannin Sossamon (“Moonlight“, “Holiday on an exchange“) are invited. In team of directors and screenwriters David Peymer who presented to us “Zoe Hart from the southern state“ and “Gymnasts“ was marked out, and over music Rob Simonsen who dubbed the smart melodrama “500 days of summer“ worked.

The series are very stylish, beautiful, intriguing. Its plot tells about four women and about their life full of passions, scandalousness, treacheries and romanticism.

As you can see, in June to serialomana is what to be engaged. Pleasant viewing!