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From where the concept “blue“ went?

Are valid, in English there is a term “gay“ (English gay) - an adjective which means “bright“, “carefree“, “cheerful“. In modern English (approximately since 1960-1970) this word is used as designation of the person with homosexual orientation. In Russian for similar persons the term blue was approved.

On one of versions, the noun “pigeon“ which arose as the self-name among the homosexuals gathering in 1960-1970 in a public garden about the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow was an initial form.

However, some prove that this derivative of the address smart guys . “Chick-pea - smart guys, approach closer!“ It is necessary to tell that till an era publicity of homosexuality in Russia, it seems, was not, as well as sex in general. It was not accepted to speak about it, and occupation led to criminal liability. But here reorganization, and behind it and permissiveness burst.

It led to ambiguous perception of some remarkable names and phrases in the Russian sounding.

The name of the animated film “Blue Puppy“ causes a grin.

“The blue car slides, slides“. And it in the children`s animated film about the Cheburashka. However, heroes, thank God, sit on a roof of it.

“... People dream sometimes the blue cities which have no name“. How is not present, we will think now? Very much even is! Sodom and Gomorrah are burned as many consider, just for a sodomsky sin.

L. I. Lagin, besides “Old man Hottabycha“, wrote also the novel “ Blue person“. Now this name sounds absolutely pornographic though there is narrated about how the pupil of an istfak of MSU gets to the past and participates in origin of revolutionary movement.

The modern commentator of a football match with participation of team in a blue form will hardly tell: “ Blue shoot ahead and …“

“Blue Danube“ of I. Strauss A little funny sounds.

And popular in 1960 - x years the telecast “Blue Spark“ can be apprehended as meeting … clear whom now.

The Grodno Hussars were dressed in blue broken completely and mentik, and a collar and cuffs of a dolman blue. Chakchira blue. Tashka blue with blue finishing. A saddleblanket blue with blue finishing. They were also called by “blue hussars“. Blue hussars … - in general turns out floutingly.
are Blown by blue hussars
I go from the city of wons …

(G. Heine, M. L. Mikhaylov`s translation)

the Picture E. Degas “Blue dancers“ is widely known. Very familiarly left at the poet: “... blue girl Degas“.

The name of the movie “Blue Angel“ of the director D. fon Sternberga sounds ambiguously though it is the first sound film with participation M. Dietrich. Her supercareer in cinema as the seductress began with this movie.

And here movie “ Blue pie“ - the American parody comedy of 2006 of the director T. Stefens - received such name in the Russian hire that it corresponded to contents. It narrates about four young people, gays who after leaving school conclude the agreement that before the termination of summer each of them will lose virginity with the guy. This already modern outgaming of a new word meaning.