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Than physical activity is useful?

I want to Begin this article with a conclusion: any physical activity is useful and it is necessary to be engaged in it constantly. Now I will explain in detail that it means and as to apply it. At first I will give to

definition of “physical activity“ - it is activity which is more connected with work of a physical body. Contrast of physical activity is activity intellectual where the body is almost not involved - only a brain. At once I will specify that “intellectual“ activity does not mean “clever“, to watch cats of VKontakte is intellectual activity too. And definitely not physical.

In turn, physical activity is and walk on the street, and dances in a disco, and washing of ware in the house. All this is work of a body.

And so, sense that for healthy functioning of an organism (and, in particular, a brain) - it is necessary to be engaged in physical activity as much as possible and so much time, as much as possible. Because our organism is intended first of all physically to work, intellectual activity is already secondary ability of an organism.

I will not repeat already all the known facts about a hypodynamia - a lack of the movement - as one of the main reasons for diseases, weaknesses, depressions and so on. But I will remind that the modern world really allows huge to avoid number of people physical actions - and people actively use it. At the same time the remained intellectual activity often does not bear special advantage and is reduced to reading newspapers, viewing of the TV, computer and so on. That is, the most part of “intellectual“ activity is not necessary at all and can be replaced by physical.

The most important that should be understood - physical activity gives energy! And any! The matter is that during the periods of physical activity the organism is transferred to the “active“ mode and begins to develop energy strenuously. It at the same time all the same that we do therefore it is not obligatory to suffer boring physical exercises at all - suits anything if only the body worked. And here when the body does not work when it, for example, just sits in front of the computer (or lies), the organism perceives such situation as a dream, an illness or in general hibernation. Also begins to react respectively: ceases to develop energy and begins to save fat. The less we do something, the less we can do something.

And, I will repeat once again, the brain is a part of a body. The general condition of activity of a body directly influences a condition of activity of a brain. Therefore physical activity gives strength not only on itself, but also on intellectual activity. And here intellectual - energy does not give, it, with rare exception, only takes away it. It does not mean that she - bad, just demands compensation in a kind of activity of physical. Therefore workers of intellectual professions are programmers, journalists, writers - in special risk group. They need to compensate the work as physical activity first of all.

One more advantage of physical activity - it restores contact with a body, contact with reality and contact with life. Because reality - it physical, it - not intelligence. A brain - part of a body, and not vice versa. When you actively use the body, you feel live, strong, feel that you something can. Results of physical activity are visible at once - moved a subject, and it moved. And results of intellectual activity you can not be at all. Also physical activity is very useful in cases when you are too absorbed by the thoughts and lost touch with reality.

Now to a question: how long and how often it is necessary to be engaged in physical activity? Correct answer: constantly and always. I do not exaggerate. If you do not sleep and are not engaged in any useful intellectual activity - best of all be engaged in physical. Once again I will repeat - any physical activity though on the apartment to and fro you go. It is more and more useful, than just to sit on a chair or to lie on a sofa. And if you have no desire to work (including if work - intellectual) - is better to make anything physical, than to sit and complain to themselves of own laziness. And from physical activity and energy for work will appear.

Imagine that you wake up every day and the whole day (except for work) you do something physically. Anything that is pleasant more. It so much can be made! And there is so much health to gather! And yes this progress will be increased constantly, without interruption, day by day! It just and the reason that physically it is the best of all to work constantly.

I will finish from what began with: any physical activity is useful and it is necessary to be engaged in it constantly. Be engaged in it - and you will have an energy, health and pleasure!