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Why the film industry is expected by crash and at what here series?

It is possible to treat somehow series, it is possible even to joke infinitely about a serialozavisimost of a fine half of the family, but it is impossible to deny the fact that the serialomaniya gradually enslaves the world. More and more audience chooses the last between movie theater and a TV screen and not only because it is necessary to pay for cinema, and houses - is free.

the Modern series became fascinating and interesting, well removed, expensive, not conceding on special effects of the most part of modern movies. Both film film distributors, and producers of cinema products very well understand it. Not without reason George Lucas and Steven Spielberg quite recently publicly declared that the film market is threatened by serious crisis if the principles of film production, and also quality of cinema are not seriously reconsidered.

It is clear, that it is not about soap operas which once “placed“ us to screens the whole streets and quarters. Today the concept “series“ is much more, more extensively therefore, probably, it is worth understanding a little it to understand behind what series the future and what caused so improbable success of some of them. And when today we speak about series, we already mean not only those soap operas - “Just Maria“ or “A tropikanka secret“, “The rich too cry“ or “Santa - Barbara“ which once brought together us at TV screens seriously and for a long time. This format continues to exist, the Turkish series “Magnificent Century“ - the best for that confirmation.

Continue to exist and gain steam and TV series - series which once appeared in Latin America, and today are already successfully cultivated in the USA, Russia and other countries worldwide. The best example of the Russian TV series - “Beauty is not happiness“, by the way, a remake of the American TV series “Plain woman Bettie“, by the way, a remake of the Colombian TV series “I, Bettie - the plain woman“.

The modern series exist in different new formats, many of which will make the serious competition to modern cinema. In particular, with the purpose to depart from a format of “soap operas“ with their consecutive statement of events were thought once up and now successfully there are on a TV screen so-called “procedural dramas“. The conquered world “Doctor House“ - just an example of such format.

Sense of “the procedural drama“ that each separate series has the finished plot therefore you can watch the similar soap opera from any place since any season without prejudice to understanding. A certain circle of heroes - team of doctors, group of friends, a school class, members of society - from a series in a series live events which begin and come to an end within an episode. For example, the episode of the well-known series “Friends“ included at once three histories which intertwined in a plot, covering all heroes of the six, and supplied a series episode with necessary dynamics. It is clear, that there are keynotes which unite all episodes of series, but they are usually registered very unostentatiously, are not evident and do not develop an inferiority complex at those TV viewers which began to watch the soap opera, for example, from the middle of a season.

Procedural dramas still call protseduralam, and one of the most popular protsedural remain those that show life in some profession. Police protsedurala which were widely adopted on the Russian television - “Streets of the broken lamps“, “Wood-grouse“ and other are in the lead in popularity. To them “in a back medical protsedurala breathe“ - everything began with the “Ambulance“ which is so loved by our fellow citizens, and the whole boom of popularity of medical series with an exit to screens “Anatomy Gray“ (“Passion anatomy“) and “Doctor House“ was noted in recent years. In Russia relay of a medical protsedural was picked up by cheerful series “Interns“. There are a lot more professional protsedural - about life of firefighters, stewardesses, seamen, advertisers, mediums and psychics, ghosts hunters and other supernatural. For certain, you also can call examples of favourite protsedural.

By the way, it is necessary to tell about supernatural especially: recently in connection with popularity of vampire subject the number of youth series about any evil spirits increased. The series “Supernatural“ are in the lead in a rating, but even more often speak about a phenomenon of series “The Vampire Diaries“ which successfully combines both vampire subject, and the youth melodrama, and an action. Youth and children`s series are in general a separate subject for conversation as they seize minds of younger generation, and therefore it is very important to know that our children watch what brings up them. In this sense existence of series pleases it is sports - creative subject where very brightly and colourfully show prestige of life in sport or, for example, in creativity where learn not to recede before difficulties.

Speaking about concrete series, always consider what channel releases series because both the art value of series, and its acceptable moments, and its orientation to a certain audience depends on it. The ABC channel is well-known for such series how “to Survive“, “Plain woman Bettie“, “Passion anatomy“, “Visitors“ or “The city of predators“. NBC was presented once to the world “by Santa - Barbara“, and now pleases us with the series “Community“, “Hannibal“, “Grimm“ having the specifics of an easy underground. The Fox channel which showed us “Confidential materials“ and “Doctor House“, and now - “Followers“, “Bones“ is very popular with fans of series. The same channel was presented to the world by “Simpsonov“, “Griffinov“, and also cult realities - the shows “American Idol“ and “The X Factor“ which acquire national televersions worldwide.

The youth watches generally the soap operas released by CW channel - “Supernatural“, “The Vampire Diaries“, “Zoe Hart from the southern state“, “Nikita“, “Arrow“, “Gossip“, “Hill of one tree“, “Secrets of Smolvil“ and many others. There are still cable channels which shoot series, free from censorship. On such channels there is “Lascivious California“, “Shameless persons“, “Girls“ and “The real blood“, and also subdued the Russian TV viewer of “Dexter“. Series on these channels courageous - in them there is a lot of sex, blood, death and drugs.

It is possible to love or not to love series, but with them, certainly, it is necessary to be considered, as well as with their influence on our life. For this reason I advise you to get acquainted with novelties of series. Perhaps, you will open for yourself the new world pleasant and interesting.