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How to hold the valuable employee? An inoculation from rigid management of

At work it is often possible to hear: “Here nobody consults on me!“ You know what is behind this phrase: the company opinions of employees do not concern. They are never asked: “And you what you think?“ Even if it is about the menu in the corporate dining room. Can present to

feelings of the employee who knows how to make so that the project “shot“, but cannot take in it part because it against rules or will of the management. In that case the employee tells something it seems: “The hell with him! I will leave home exactly at 18:00“. Or even earlier, hours in five. The motivation disappears, and indifference sets in. Sooner or later the best employees leave to look for other companies.

The principles and ideas “how to hold the employee“ about which the speech in article will go are not created artificially on a board negotiation or the screen of the computer. They were developed in practice by Jack Mitchell - the co-owner and the CEO of the American retail clothing stores.

In its lexicon there are no words “boss“ or “subordinate“. These concepts just do not get on in the free and happy atmosphere of its organization where each employee feels that he is really appreciated. Pleasant trifles, insignificant signs of attention or joint Wick - and can make a lot of things for success of the company. Mitchell in the book “Embrace the employees“ the fifty years` experience of the real management and opens secrets of successful motivation of personnel.

Create culture of attentiveness: that employees felt happy and were motivated, strategy of creation of culture in which people do pleasant each other is necessary, build the positive personal relations and all company preaches idea of humility.

You marry for the rest of life: forget about a trial period and create positive culture in which new employees feel comfortable as at home.

Know them on names and be aware of their hobbies: managers have to know 100-150, and 250 employees on names - those to whom you submit, those who submit to you, and also that whose work has huge value for achievement of your plans are even better.

The company has to be transparent . In literal and figurative sense. Tell employees results of sales, statistics and the purposes. Let doors of your offices will be open, and your electronic schedule - public.

Certification: should place emphasis on positive sides. Avoid the estimates lighting mainly shortcomings and do not use system like school sheets which belittle, but do not encourage employees. Emphasize strong and positive sides of the employee, advise how own achievements can improve, to raise and rejoice.

Fairly does not mean equally: abilities of employees are various therefore remuneration has to be a miscellaneous, but justice has to remain. All have to receive so much how many they earned.

Matter not only in money: money - not the only and even not main way of motivation. It is important to pay employees a salary and bonuses which at least it is not less, and it is better more, than at competitors. Differently employees will begin to think that you are greedy.

Publish their photo: use photos of employees in advertizing, call planes by the names of their children, collect lunches in honor of employees - do everything that people felt that they special and them appreciate.

Support employees in times, heavy for them: employees can face personal problems - the conflicts in a family or dependence. At them even the child can be gone. Do everything possible to help.

Welcome them again: do not charge-off from employees if they retire or go to other professional area. They can want to return, and you can want to accept them to the state again.

The principles developed by Jack Mitchell are applicable in any branch and the company of any size - small, average, large or even very large. They can be used perfectly in any country of the world and any cultural environment. They will work in shop on production of tinned beans or in office of the wholesaler trading in hairpins for hair. They will work in insurance company, for the realtor or the trader. They will work for the small family company and for the multinational giant.

It is also a secret of association of people in team. Because you are not able to make everything alone!