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The word uttered - lie, a stone or the truth?

“As me only did not call: both a blind cow, and the blind idiot, and left unfinished Vanga, - Katya, my acquaintance, with almost total loss of sight tells. - Especially teased at school when I only began to lose sight. Thought out such insults that I did not want to live“. It uncertainly shows a wrist with razor traces.

- But also adult, those who, appear, are wiser humiliated too and offended me, - in spite of the fact that Katerina long ago the adult woman who got used to the disease, tears of burning offense act on her beautiful brown eyes, without trace of a heavy illness … by

- our new chief accountant - the silly woman the silly woman! Studies each piece of paper on half an hour! I - give it, sign! What you read! And it claps on me the stupid eyes, a sheep! - it is ordinary and almost without rage my colleague, the person with the higher education somewhere in the field of communicative technologies, tells about the new employee in department of accounts department, under noisy approval of some colleagues … - Listen to

, well it is impossible to put on so! To the aunt for forty - tea, not the girl already! The bum as at an elephant, cellulitis hangs down from all directions, hair colored, and it all tries to look younger, all tries to attract men! Just universal horror! - in a management reception two missing secretaries who, exactly - in - exactly, wonderfully get under the expressional depiction … of

Similar secular “small talk“ - an integral part of our everyday life conduct a small talk. Somewhere hearts and souls, are expressed by a syllable to higher, but not less mutilating. Somewhere, without shame, simply resort to swearing, without stinting in expressions.

I carried out small, of a week, experiment. Began to listen attentively to that as as my colleagues to the colleagues and acquaintances - total number tell twelve highly educated heads and eloquent mouths. Five, such The Five, frame, a kernel, and also “mind and conscience“ of our collective, day by day, for all seven days continually participated in similar “small talk“. Whose heroes, with variable success, was this or that acquaintance or the victim not familiar to us. And expressions and epithets to those who caused their fair and not really indignation were the most colourful and pejorative (I, again, was struck with “greatness and power“ of the native speech).

Four directly did not participate in these plain discussions. But also at the same time did not forget to assent and nod in every possible way in a step taking off from dirty mouths - settlers to slovesa - whether because of the yet not full perversity, whether because of fear not to lag behind collective expensive to them and by that not to cause on itself fire of the colleagues.

Three from verbal dirt were held off. Only three who, in turn, aroused quite silent indignation at remained to nine for the allegedly pride unwillingness to participate in “small talk“. (The Russian person still, historically and genetically, oh, as does not love those who break away from weight, from collective - whether it be work, a joint wine party or discussion for eyes). Out of twelve highly educated, worthy all respect of people - as each of them considers, only three, less worthy, proud and unsociable.

For many of us the abuse already stopped being abuse, and an insult an insult. The usual indignation in someone`s address which for a “neottyuningovanny“ ear often reminds a never-ending stream of verbal slops is leveled to level “normal the hair dryer“. It seems already and not language - fenya, but nevertheless “normally!“. Matter of course, if to hear same one thousand times in the course of the day, then you cease to react to it. Or you react less sharply, losing feeling that it is normal and that is not present. From here matyushok in public transport does not cause immediate rejection for a long time. From here long ago it is permissible to our administration to impose us with three-storyed constructions from invectives and obstsenizm, and we will not even take offense. From here it seems to some that: “yes everything at us is normal“, or “we do not have “anything special“ it - all this an excessive intellectual reflection“.

Not necessarily words - stones have to be weighty and sharp - swearing and not veiled insults to hit the mark and to wound. In educated society of cultural people, really use port foul language infrequently. But from it “highbrow“ and “literary“ hints and insinuations, “clever“ speculation and equivoques sound at all not less offensively, and often kill on the spot.

In our society it is accepted to be strong. We very much respect force and we aspire to force. Even if a brute force and at the expense of others. In our society, to rudeness and insults, to frank abuse it is even accepted to be respectful to loud mandative tone with understanding and. And public words of love and tenderness cause in us an itch on all body, are called manifestation of weakness and are often blamed. Here, very opportunely, the early bible and late Freudian thesis is remembered: “It is frequent in force - weakness, and in weakness - force“. For which judgment, however, we fast-living, seemingly, time do not have.

Words - stones whistle at a temple and sometimes hit the mark - us. Much more often than words of support, understanding and love which force us to live further. Get even to those who acquired an anti-abusive armor to such words long ago - to cobble-stones. And then in reply they throw weightier boulders to wound more painfully.

Often we do not think of what garbage can, on a verbal basis, we accidentally throw out of thoughts and emotions on those who did not deserve it. Often we think as the real perverts, calling black white, weak strong, bad good. Also we are afraid to be on the side weak that not to look weaklings. Often we prefer to sit out in the cozy tower from an ivory, observing a convenient neutrality.

It is clear, so best of all. More habitually. More favourably. And which of us is capable to take a step forward and to fail? And whether we can respect ourselves for the fact that we do not do it? I do not know …