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Where to go in the summer? To Montenegro!

Montenegro are sandy and pebble beaches on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, cypress groves, green meadows and ski slopes available even in the summer. And to fly only slightly more than three hours. Regular and charter flights of several airlines in a trice will bring you to Tivat or Podgorica, and from there no distance to Budvanska Rivyery or the Beach of the queen. the Country so impressed with

Vladimir Vysotsky that the poet devoted to Montenegro the next lines:

One birth it is not enough to me - Grow at
to me from two roots
Grudges, Montenegro did not become
the Second my homeland.

A Vysotsky was only two times here! But the magnificent nature of Montenegro strong hooked on it. Pure lakes, high mountains, pleasant smells of various plants will dement anyone! Diminutiveness of the country, the area of everything in 14 000 quarter. the km, in itself becomes advantage - the most different natural landscapes are compactly located here that gives feeling of a constant variety. The broken relief of the coast generates abundance of bays, gulfs and islands. It to you not a monotonous landscape of the same Egypt. By the way, the monument to Vysotsky is in the capital, Podgorica. To fans to arrive to bow without fail!

The sun the frequent guest in Montenegro, and fresh air and the tender sea will cure any melancholy and a depression. Spoke about salutary properties of the local atmosphere still to Sophia Loren, assuring what Montenegro does people younger. The beauty famous for the whole world should be trusted!

A traditional set of active recreation at the sea - scooters, flights over a water smooth surface on a paraplane, the water ski and other various entertainments which are thought up by the person.

Fans of diving perfectly will suit the ancient city of Bars. In the gulf near this city couple of warships, and also the yacht of the king Nikola - the last monarch of Montenegro are based upon a seabed. Where it is still so easy to get on the royal yacht?

History of Montenegro are antique monuments, ruins of ancient settlements and the medieval cities. The architecture of the young Balkan country was created by the western and east directions of architecture which literally faced on the distressful peninsula. The Hellenic and Roman culture mixed up with Ottoman, European and Slavic. Styles and the directions were mutated in unique structures and architectural concepts. To experience it, it is enough to visit Budva, one of the oldest cities on the coasts of the Adriatic Sea. History of the city is traced since the fifth century B.C. Ever since the city passed from one governors to others, and each dynasty sought to leave the mark within the walls of Budva.

The monastery Jail which entirely is cut down in rocks became bright sight of Montenegro. There is a monastery near the city of Danilovgrada.

The ecotourism popular nowadays meaning immersion in the wild nature is the fullest, did not avoid also Montenegro. The canyon of the river of the Container taking in size the second place in the world after American the Grandee - the Canyon, Lake Skadar with 39 species of fish, a massif Durmitor with his glacial lakes - all this beauty waits for admirers of life in tents. Will offer fans of extreme sports rafting - descent on the mountain river, or climbing one of numerous mountains. Those who will reach top will be able to poudit fish in crystal waters of mountain lakes.

Hotels of Montenegro during a season there is enough road (under 100 euros). Fortunately, there is an alternative - private houses. You find the house with the inscription Sobe or Apartments, you ring a door and when the owner or the hostess appears, you agree about a lodging for the night. Cost is from 30 to 60 euros in a night. For one night hand over extremely reluctantly, it is necessary to take at least three days of accommodation.

One more dignity of Montenegro (so the country is called in Europe) is connected besides with bureaucracy of the European Union. Montenegro - the last visa-free European resort. Brothers are Croats, having entered the European Union, right there opened the visa center in Moscow, and Medulin`s beaches and Plitvice Lakes will be left inaccessible for the Russian tourist without its visit. But Montenegrins, though hold euro as the state currency, let us according to only one international passport. The European Union are not going to enter, according to them.