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How to make the Irish soda bread?

If to agree with the statement that about the country and about the people of this country it is possible to make impression, having tasted their “national“ bread, then this of hlebushka speaks about Irish very and very eloquently. The such northern people doing everything dispute, but it is slow and sound... If to work with

, then to work... If to plow, to plow so... To eat, to eat so... Nourishingly and, naturally, it is tasty... At the same time it is very desirable to spend for cooking a minimum of forces and time. There is something very thorough and in the Irish bread, and traditional lrish stew, and, of course, in mashed potatoes and potato in any other fine manifestation.

Personally I am very much imposed by that image of the Irish which I to myself thought up, doing and tasting this most soda bread. It is simply amazing that there are already a lot of years (rather, even centuries) people in only a few minutes, still using soda (well, originally, of course, even not soda, but ashes), but not yeast, kneads and bakes this very traditional, not habitual and very tasty bread.

So for one average bukhanochka we take: on 450 grams of flour about 1 teaspoon of salt and soda is necessary, 400 ml of buttermilk (which behind absence safely we replace with the 2nd tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 360 ml of milk), a handful of walnuts and are a little - literally a tea spoon - sugar. (Even I do not doubt that there is no need to explain that the last ingredient not key and with absolutely clear conscience either falls, or still something pleasant is replaced with a dried cranberry, raisin, seeds of a coriander, caraway seeds, with rosemary or and tasty personally for you).

If in your shop there is such obvious and vital issue as total absence in it in the past, the present and, I suspect, in the future such important product as buttermilk, then you should make it independently! I hope, it will not frighten you. Well do not give up then! You only need to mix apple cider vinegar with milk of room temperature and to silently wait for minutes 10 - 20 when the miracle comes true and milk will turn into buttermilk absolutely necessary for us. From it is that we and will begin production of our hlebushk.

For now everything does vinegar for us, we can dry a few walnut nutlets on a frying pan. The following stage we sift flour in a bowl, there we sift soda and salt, properly we mix everything, really trying that salt and soda were distributed on flour evenly. There we add sugar and nutlets (either herbs, or a cranberry with raisin... it is difficult to present what you chose for this case) and too well we mix.

Now the turn of “buttermilk“ came. We too safely enter it into flour, watching that it wetted and impregnated all flour, and we mix, gathering dough in one lump.

On a working surface we pour out a little flour, we shift to it dough, we roll it in flour and we form a roundish loaf.

We transfer a loaf to the baking sheet laid by baking paper slightly we trample down a loaf, importunately seeking to make them it thick flat cake about 15 - 20 - centimetric diameter. In the middle of a loaf we do by a sharp knife a crosswise cut and we bake in in advance warmed oven: the first 15 minutes - at a temperature of 220 degrees, further we diminish heating to 200 degrees and we wear out bread to readiness even minutes 25 - 30.

We carry out an inspection on readiness in the same plain way and the best gadget of all times and the people - a wooden stick. If the crumb did not stick to it and the stick put in the core left it absolutely dry - is ready! And control shot, more precisely check: if to knock on a reverse side of bread with a cam, then the sound has to be... even I do not know, as well as to describe... deaf such sound... empty, perhaps... uterine... Well, it is sure, you will understand and fall in love with this sound, as well as I!

For this reason it becomes clear at once that bread will have a crackling crust... I adore it! Here not without reason Irish on an equal basis with soda bread is ragout in big good graces... Very conveniently, tasty and, I would even tell, to harmoniously dip this bread in sauce, to smear, selecting all remains for a plate... Tasty! Here you will not argue and you will do nothing with it. Let`s bake! Join! Successful to you pastries and bon appetit!