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What cannot be done in Venice? To save!

Venice is always skillful to entice guests. Where still to find the bridge on which it was officially offered to prostitutes to stand topless? And not only for the sake of increase of profits of the brothels (operating exclusively legally), but also for fight against homosexuality. You see how customs of the European officials changed since then?

also the city Changed. To take at least gondolas. Now to Venice there come couples in love to make a romantic trip on a labyrinth of channels on a gondola. Whereas in the past of a gondola served only as a banal vehicle moreover carried out a role of floating brothels. And most of merchants and dealers stopped by (or swam away rather) in Venice for a while to forget about family values. Whether decline of the Venetian republic is connected with a prostitution ban, let historians establish. I will tell about what cannot be done in Venice.

First of all, as if you loved this city, you should not tighten the stay here. Four days, are no more. Otherwise you will understand that the city is terribly monotonous. Read Brodsky`s “Watermark“. The melancholy, despondency and loneliness of the poet appears in every line. And the atmosphere of Venice played not the last role in formation of this mood.

To see the main buildings, to walk on streets, to find a little “the Venice“, having slightly deviated from the main tourist routes, to float on the Grandee - to the channel, and then to round the city from the sea - here the main entertainments. Moreover to climb up a belltower San - Giorgio, to have supper by candlelight at restaurant and to make cruise on channels on a gondola. In total. It is quite enough to absorb the atmosphere of the city. Ah yes, to descend on a main square, San even in the evening - Marko and to listen to a symphonic orchestra.

Stop only in the city, I conjure you! Will leave twice more expensive, than hotels on the continent (where I stopped), but it is worth it. To meet dawn and a decline in Venice, not to time departure to catch the bus or an electric train, freely to walk on a labyrinth of small streets at any time - here that raises the price of city hotels. Otherwise the stench and noise to Rohm`s pyatsalla where you will come in the morning and from where to leave in the evening, will hammer all impressions. A continuous stream of buses and a taxi, local drunkards at stalls, crowds of tourists - that`s all that remains in the head when you leave Venice from the square of Rome and you go to the airport.

Everywhere there are snekovy automatic machines with any chocolates and chips. Against ancient houses these automated stalls look ridiculously and wildly.

Guests from Africa occupied Venice. More precisely bridges of Venice. Consider it politically incorrect, but when each ancient bridge is covered by black dealers in false bags, supports for soap trays and other nonsense, there is a strong wish to toughen liberal migratory laws of the old woman - Europe.

And still there are a lot of beggars and beggars. In cool March, two years ago, I precisely remember that on all city there were only two beggars. Now lot of bums and vagrant musicians. They as if thawed after cold and magnificently blossomed under generous beams of the sun of Adriatic Sea. It is better to come to Venice in March. Then it is much less tourists.

And here from the middle of April of tourists here the whole sea. Jammed vaporetto (water buses) it is worse than the Moscow buses in rush hour. The palace of Doges, St. Mark`s Basilica, Kampanila (belltower) is turns, turn, turn. And here a surprising thing in turns (as well as in cafe, and on piers): it is a lot of smokers! Germans, Italians, French actively drag on a cigarette smoke. Eurobureaucrats obviously did not succeed in destruction of an addiction.

Practically there are no tourists in Dzhudekke (Giudecca) where in the building of the ancient monastery the women`s prison is located. The island in fact and the area on administrative division, Dzhudekka was always associated with prisoners. Here sent aristocrats into exile, and later those who got to “a poverty trap“ lodged here, when there is no hopes though somehow to correct the financial state.

In the first visit to Venice I well remembered the short dialogue which happened in the evening on the main bridge of the city of Rialto among ranks of souvenir shops. The sun already left for the horizon, numerous cafes and restaurants were lit by multi-colored lighting, and the Grandee - the channel from it from green became is red - blue. Among numerous passersby and amateur photographers there was a young woman and discontentedly uttered to the satellite:

- I do not want in restaurant. Anywhere wanted to go at all. You know, after flights the stomach hurts me.

The satellite muttered something in reply, and I thought then: “Your aunt, what silly woman! You in Venice, what stomach?!“ Then for me expression of discontent with something in Venice seemed blasphemous. After the second visit I became more moderate venetsianofily. In the city there are obviously not enough shops, toilets and grocery stores.

Whether crisis approaches whether Venice sinks - I do not undertake to judge. One will be told precisely: everything rises in price. The entrance on a belltower San - Marko from where the magnificent panorama on the city opens, costs already six euro, and there were three and a half two years ago. Hurry to visit Venice until it turned in gold (on quotations) the city of El Dorado!

And all... Come to Venice! The present and the past will become a whole in a labyrinth of streets, all these of a vi, to a calla, satoparty and Riva. Yes, the city becomes extinct also all - leaves under water. Yes, wild tourist capitalism prospers here. Yes, gondoliers rather low-friendly boors, than romantics are esthetes. But all this grows dim in the atmosphere of surprising unique magic of Venice. Amazing city! Be with darling here - and around everything will blossom in a step of your love. Want to stay alone - and the web of channels and streets will reliably hide you from the whole world. You come behind inspiration - and Venice will present you plots and subjects for novels, pictures, articles and movies.