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How to spend summer?

1. Arrange picnic.
Picnic, is considered joint pastime. On picnic it is possible to go with anyone: with a family, friends or neighbors. By means of picnic it is possible to know better neighbors, it is good to have fun with friends, and also to have a rest with a family.
2. Learn to dance.
Hip - hop, techtonic dance, the Lezgian, Street Dance, what is pleasant to you most of all. Now you will tell that you are not able to dance?! And I will say no to you nothing is impossible.
3. Positive - guarantee of happiness!
Many of us wind to themselves problems, in fact which are absent! Your thoughts - your actions. How you think?! The constant depression, laziness, the underestimated self-assessment will not help you! Think of good, rejoice to every day, unsubscribe from everyones “ ODINOCHESTVOTSINIKBOLSTRAKH “ publics. LIVE POSITIVELY and LIFE WILL be ADJUSTED!
4. Week without the Internet.
Mankind always in the guesses and imagination represented occupation of the world and enslavement mankind by the highest forces, in particular aliens. But now us other EVIL &ndash operates absolutely; it is the INTERNET! Whether often you go outside? You have fun? You see friends? Switch off the computer, go outside, take a walk with friends, descend in park.
5. World of a fantasy and adventures.
Who told what to read - tediousness?! A sledge hammer on the head to this person! Remember, my friend, NOTHING, WILL NEVER REPLACE the BOOK! Reading books, you will fill up the lexicon, will interestingly communicate with you, you will be comprehensively developed. As they say “ Those who read books always will operate those who watch » TV;. Be not the victim of a stupid box, be cleverer. Here to you some of very interesting books: “ Little Prince “ Antoine Saint - Ekzyuperi - the book with a deep meaning, “ 451 degrees Fahrenheit “ Ray Bradbury - just about people and “ zombiing “ black boxes, “ Hurry to love “ Nicholas Sparks - it is a little romanticism, “ Prediction of elves “ Kirsten Whyte - world of a fantasy and adventures. If after reading of these books, you do not fall in love I allow to kill me =D
6. Create something
of the House you precisely will find what can be corrected or added. And you can you want to make something for the family or darling? Even the same frame for the photo can be made independently.
7. Learn phrases from a foreign language
of Idea to learn a modern language are almost impracticable. In one day you will not learn it and during the summer on hardly too. Therefore my idea consists in the following: write down hackneyed phrases on a type leaflet “how are you doing?“, “Hi!“ and so on translate them into the languages interesting you. You will be able to transfer to Google. ru or Yandex. ru and on what language choose. I, for example, hackneyed phrases of the Hi type, would translate on Spanish or Chinese. By the way on Chinese it there will be “Nikhaa“. And here as for romantic phrases, it is better of course into French. In French “You have a beautiful smile“, will be “To Wu Za bi vu suvier“.
8. “Tell “cheese“!“
This point is devoted to the photo. If you have a camera and desire, then it is possible to move off safely in searches of interesting objects and to remove them. Far it is not necessary to go. If flowers grow in your garden, they can quite become ideal object for the photo. And if in your camera there is a Macro function, then it is possible to create unique photos of insects and plants, as from scientific magazines.
9. Sport
Get on the bicycle! You do not have it? Buy, take in hire, unambiguously the bicycle and rollers - mast hev season! You will reduce time, you will not pollute environment, you will pump up legs and you will be able to afford excess cake!)
10. Create the website
When you have a lot of free time, creation and maintaining the website the fact that it is necessary to you! It can be your hobby. Think up subject of the website, original and interesting to you, and fill up it with what you consider it necessary.