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Whether water is necessary for the baby? Whether

of Dopaivat of the kid water? Such question often rises before mothers in the very first days of the child`s life. Especially, around there are a lot of advisers - the pediatrician, the nurse, grandmothers, girlfriends - and all speak differently.

How to arrive in this case only mother, of course, solves. You should listen / read a huge number of opinions in this respect, but as a result you, and only you have to take the responsibility for health of the child.

Relying on the experience, I will try to give the key moments which I happened to face in this question. In article the speech about the children who are completely on breastfeeding as to the kids eating mix, it is necessary to offer water will go.

So, we will begin with maternity hospital. Initially, when brought me my kid, about a dopaivaniye water even of the speech did not go, a neonatology and nurses spoke only about feeding by a breast on demand, and about water there was no information. And listing with WHO recommendations where it was in black and white written hung on a door of chamber: “The healthy child does not need an additional dopaivaniye“.

It is considered that milk of mother contains 85-90% of water and completely satisfies needs of the child for liquid. For this reason prior to introduction of a feeding up it is not necessary to dopaivat the kid water, tea, juice etc.

In addition, the dopaivaniye at the beginning of breastfeeding is fraught with so-called feeling of false saturation. It is possible to give such example: you give to the child water - he drinks less milk and consequently he, adds less. Then the pediatrician speaks about bad increases in weight, offers mix, and here - we already at the beginning of completion of breastfeeding.

Of course, it is just an example, and it is absolutely optional that if the child drinks water, then grows fat a little. But if nevertheless you very much worry (and most likely, relatives, especially grandmothers worry), the way out will be found: just offer the child water - does not drink, so it is not required to him.

Everything written above is actual only for those mothers who nurse the kids exclusively on demand ! Old recommendations of pediatricians and nurses of a dopaivaniye, most likely, are connected by water with the fact that fed only according to the schedule earlier, and the kid could not satisfy the requirements at a breast. Therefore if you feed according to the schedule, then between feedings offer the child water.

Unfortunately, in connection with bad informing and support of breastfeeding in maternity hospital, just born kids can be in that situation when they lack liquid and as dehydration at babies develops quickly, such situations are even dangerous to their life. Therefore if after the delivery there are problems, it is important to address experts surely.

There are situations, when needs to be dopaivat :
- in case of an illness: at temperature increase;
- at vomiting;
- at a diarrhea;
- at a lock (a disputed issue since the true lock happens at babies on GV very seldom);
- in hot weather can also offer the child water, but, as a rule, if GV is adjusted correctly, the child himself will refuse drink.

What water needs to be given? Give to children only not sweetened water to be defined whether it needs additional liquid or not.

It is desirable to buy bottled water of the highest category - it does not need to be boiled, and, as a rule, it is created and balanced especially for children. Now the choice of children`s water just huge so its acquisition is possible.

It is also possible to give also boiled water, but it is necessary to remember that such water is considered less useful on structure.

It is impossible to give to drink:
- tap water;
- mineral water.

How to give water? Consultants for GV advise to pour water only in a spoon (cup). Offer water only between feedings, never give water to a breast!