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How to bathe the baby?

In maternity hospital of kids bring us pure, accurately swaddled, one may say, “trouble-free“. On an extract hand together with a pink or blue envelope a heap of pieces of paper for a maternity welfare unit and children`s policlinic and make recommendations “it is possible to bathe today“, “it is possible to bathe tomorrow“ or “to bathe every other day“. We nod, we take away the treasure and we go home.

Houses we sometimes understand that we do not know (if the child the first) or forgot (if with the senior children an age difference more than three - five years) as to bathe the kid!

My daughter for the first time bathed under supervision of the grandmother who during our stay in maternity hospital studied the mass of the websites and books, interrogated all acquaintances in whose families there are babies. I before childbirth studied these websites and books too, but all knowledge disappeared somewhere. The second time I bathed the girl, previously having interrogated the pediatrician who came to us as as.

I hope, this article will be useful to those at whom happiness was born recently.

Bathing - not just hygienic procedure, but the educational moment. From that, how comfortably to the child during bathing at this time parents are also how quiet, the further relation of the kid to the actions connected with water depends.

I will begin with the fact that the children`s tray has to expect a baby of the house. It should be washed with soda and to rinse with clear water. It is good to get also special support - a seat for the child. It is established in a tray and is strongly fixed in it on suckers. It is especially convenient when the child does not hold the head yet. You put the child on a support and - hands are free. But never leave the baby unguarded in water, even on the most reliable support and even “all on a sekundochka“ though, I think, it and is so obvious.

When the child in situation on a stomach it will become at least short to hold the head, it is possible to try to bathe him in a big bathtub. It should be washed up too carefully soda and to rinse. You should not use chlorine-containing and similar detergents. In a big bathtub of the kid it is necessary to bathe, supporting under a nape. If the child is afraid of a big bathtub or, on the contrary, is too active and it is difficult to hold him one hand, then other hand should be brought under a bottom.

Optimum water temperature for bathing of the kid - 37 degrees. For its measurement I recommend to buy the thermometer. They are as the simplest, as well as in the form of small fishes, bears, etc. It is possible to take in the old manner temperature an elbow, but it is not really reliable way as skin of the adult is less sensitive, and for the kid water can be hotter, than it is necessary. Our grandmother too sought to make water “warmer“, but the pediatrician explained to it that in hot water the baby feels uncomfortablly. The strong overheat is worse transferred by kids, than overcooling, and is fraught with a metabolic disorder. Even if water temperature lower than 37 on one or two degrees, the child will not freeze.

In the first months skin of the child is inclined to irritation. Broths and infusions of herbs will help to fight against trouble. Traditionally use a camomile and a train. The calendula has antiseptic properties. Pustyrnik, mint and a melissa will calm the child. The nettle and a lavender soften skin. Concerning use of other herbs it is worth consulting with the pediatrician. Do not bathe the child in infusions of a wormwood, chistotel, a thuja, a broom and tansy. It is better not to risk, collecting herbs independently. In - the first, it is possible not to guess with the term of their collecting, to violate rules of drying and storage, in - the second, they can be polluted. In a drugstore it is possible to buy practical any herbs, and the prices of them moderate.

Herbs need to be applied to bathing with care. At first use one look, wait day. If there was no rash or other signs of irritation of skin, it is possible to apply safely this grass to bathing again. After bathing it is not necessary to wash the child clear water, then the effect of influence of herbs will remain longer.

If rash on a body remains within several days, it is necessary to turn to the doctor and to report what grass you used for bathing.

It is possible to bathe in the first weeks of the child in weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is better to buy it in prescription department of the state drugstore, but it is possible to prepare and: to dissolve a little margantsovokisly potassium in hot water, to filter through several layers of a gauze, to allow to be defended. To add to water it is a little solution so that water for bathing was light-pink color. Do not allow hit of dry potassium permanganate or grains from solution in water, even one kristallik can cause a burn! After healing of an umbilical wound bathing in solution of manganese loses meaning.

It is possible to use children`s soap, children`s shampoo or a skin for bathing. It is the best of all to acquire production of the famous checked brands without fragrances. Surely consider marking with the indication of age of the child: for the three-months child it is better to use newborns shampoo, than six-month-old kids shampoo. You should not use them too often, they dry skin.

Both potassium permanganate solution, and soap needs to be washed away from a body clear water. The same concerns also salt solution.

Salt solution can be bought in a drugstore, and it is possible to prepare. It is good to buy the sea salt recommended for bathing of children and to use it according to the instruction. Salt bathtubs calm the child, make salutary impact on skin, sating it with useful minerals.

The first bathing can last about a minute, every one or two days increase bathing time for one or one and a half minutes, gradually leading up about ten minutes of stay in water.

It is not necessary to worry if to the child water got to ears. After bathing remove it with a wadded tampon. It is not necessary to drip any drops “for prevention“.

After bathing of the kid it is necessary to wrap up a diaper or a towel and to carefully blot to it skin. After to dress or swaddle.