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How to pass to healthy food in the absence of will power?

the Food industry took a big step in improvement of tastes of the made food. Taste becomes more and more bright, saturated. Chocolates, cakes, chips, aerated water is without what we cannot present the life any more. The cookery became part of our culture.

the Food for us is a tradition and even the whole cult. The food stopped being for a power source long ago as it was conceived by the nature.

Together with it the number of diseases grows. Every year the number of people with an excess weight increases. Symptoms of obesity at some are observed already at early age.

All know - to lose weight and to look excellent, it is necessary to eat healthy food.

Let`s say we want to lose weight and to eat healthy food. Usually we decide to take the following actions: since Monday there are no vrednost, and instead of them there are more fruit and vegetables.

As a rule, in the first day all goes perfectly, and we are overflowed by a pride. We for 100% are sure of correctness of the made decision, we keep on enthusiasm a couple of days more, and then doubts begin to overcome us, there is a wish for something tasty.

And here … quarrel at work, strong fatigue, nerves on a limit, we think: “To hell these vegetables and porridges! I want my favourite cakes!“ - and again we break, beginning to gather extra kilos!

But why so occurs? Why we were so sure and stout enthusiasm right at the beginning?

The popular answer arises: “Will power ended!“ But actually will power here at anything, a problem lies much more deeply. We conducted in advance losing battle.

So in what a mistake?

When we make the decision there is no harm, in the head arises the conflict of desires which raises at us doubts. One part of a brain wants one, and another of absolutely another. The following simple model will help to explain it. The Monster Is the Critic Model When we decide to pass


to healthy food, at us in the head two individuals - “critics“ and “monster“ are brought. These beings conduct continuous fights among themselves. “Monster“ demands unlimited number of the most tasty and junk food. Only strong weight in a stomach can calm him.

And “critic“ tries to constrain the monster. He constantly speaks: “Will be enough for you, it is harmful! You should dump couple more of kg! It is impossible! What you are weak-willed!“ “Critic“ usual is called “by force will“ that is big delusion.

In the head of us there is a continuous pulling of a rope between “critic“ and “monster“. We consider that if we concentrate on the harmful parties of junk food, including “critic“, then it will want to us from it it less is …

We consider that “critic“ is a good, and “monster“ - the present is evil! But this thought is far from truth!

Neither “monster“, nor “critic“ are the evil in itself. The present is evil - it is belief that we cannot live without junk food and we enjoy very much from it. This belief generates “monster“, and “critic“ is only consequences of existence of the monster - our incorrect beliefs and beliefs. We try to solve a problem on a surface, but it is much more deeply, than we can imagine.

As it strange it sounds, “critic“ not only does not cope with the work, but sometimes only aggravates a situation. From - for it we break, and our overeating becomes rather uncontrolled. From - we abuse for it and we hate ourselves. The critic only adds fuel to the fire, enraging the monster even more.

To clean the conflict of desires upon transition to healthy food, it is necessary to take the following steps:

1. Switch off criticism.

Stop to abuse yourself and worries that you eat a lot of junk food. This absolutely useless occupation. You will at once feel inflow of forces. A lot of energy leaves on self-abuse and fight with itself.

2. Feel on yourself influence of the monster.

not so terrible “Monster“ as we think. It can be tender and friendly if we do not disturb him. “Monster“ is only reflection of our incorrect views and beliefs concerning food. “Monster“ is a reflection of our relation to food. And in it there is nothing mystical and difficult as we imagine it.

3. Study motives of “monster“.

the Nature of “monster“ such is that he demands unlimited number of junk food. But it occurs only for certain objective causes, had removed which, we will cease to overeat and wish some junk food.

4. You thank failures.

U of many of us very negative attitude to failures, and is very bad approach. Thanks to failures you will be able to study the dependence and to become free. Failure has to be regarded only as information for research, no more. If you broke - do not worry, so you missed something very important, and you have an excellent opportunity to study and realize it.

In food dependence and in weight loss there is nothing difficult. It is necessary to continue to believe in himself and not to be given. Study the reasons for which you break, and never abuse yourself for an overeating and for the appearance!