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How to us to reorganize fast food?

Scientists defined a portion of fast food, rather harmless to health of the person, namely fried potatoes, pizza and a hamburger. It turned out that it much less, than we actually imagined: only 1 pizzas, 1 portion (250 g) of potatoes and a half of a hamburger a week. And it is more-.

You remember how quite recently - some about twenty years ago - we for hours stood in turn, at last, to stick teeth into juicy Big Mac, to crackle an appetizing kartoshechky fra and then to fill in all this yum-yum with Coca or fanty.

Fast food restaurants gained wide popularity. Not subtly! Nourishing having a snack on the run - it is very convenient for eternally hurrying Muscovite. And for guests from the periphery visit of McDonald`s by exotic snackbar went the integral point of the obligatory program on an equal basis with the Bolshoi Theatre and Tretyakov gallery.

The fast food extended quickly and aggressively. If in 1950 - x years in the USA there were only 14 institutions of McDonald`s, then them more than 30 000 in 120 countries of the world now. The company is happy with development of the business in Russia: constantly new restaurants open, it is three times more visitors, than in Europe, in the large cities of nearly 70% of the population regularly eat their production.

What for history twenty years? Moment. But during this time there is a turn by 180 degrees: euphoria is cancelled, and the fast food appears the enemy number 1. Hotdog and shawarma, sausage and the sausages divorced porridge water, noodles, mashed potatoes, popcorn - all this is harmful. There are messages on new researches of scientists and more and more terrible preventions: regular food by fast food - a direct road to gastritis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, a heart attack.

As always, action gives rise to counteraction. The movement Slow Food which arose in Italy in 1986 became the answer to fast food. Journalists who were revolted by intention of McDonald`s to open the next point of food in an ancient Milan mansion stood at its origins. The manifesto composed by them became an ideological basis of the alternative direction “Slow Food“. “We fell victims of the virus under the name fast rate of life breaking our century customs, forcing us to eat instant food. The homo sapiens has to be wise and be exempted from the speed which leads a human look to extinction“, - it is said, in particular, in the manifesto.

Sloufud urges to boycott fast food, to eat homemade healthy food, to keep traditions of ethnic cuisine, to support local producers, buying from them the environmentally friendly production peculiar to this region. Popularity of the movement grows quickly, already now it unites 120 thousand members in 132 countries of the world.

And the movement Organicfood (Organic food) is more widespread in England and the USA congenial to a sloufud. Even prince Charles Uelsky, having been fond of idea of organic food, bought the estate in the County of Gloucestershire thirty years ago and was engaged in organic gardening, having declared that time to lift the decaying traditional agriculture came.

Now organic products make only several percent in a world agricultural turn. However according to forecasts in the next years and demand, and production will grow many times. They say that organic food - luxury which only the few are able to afford. But there are many families which decided to go to such expense to provide children with qualitative food, so necessary for the growing organism. There are also tens of young families which unite and buy organic production in large numbers directly from farmers, and it significantly reduces the prices.

We did not manage to get over that fast food - it is unhealthy, a new misfortune! In many countries fakes of food products became the mass phenomenon.

Only for the last year food fraud grew by 60%! Most often forge tea, honey, coffee, spices, milk, vegetable oil, fish, juice. Natural products replace on cheap artificial which, nevertheless, look and products natural smell even more appetizingly, than. The ordinary buyer will never distinguish the real sausage from that where there is no meat at all.

And what to do to us, average consumers? “Attentively read labels“, - journalists advise. But for this purpose eagle sight, education of the food industry worker - the technologist and the mass of free time is required.

“Buy products not from doubtful sellers, and in the checked shops“. So you will find out so far that the seller doubtful how many times it is possible to get poisoned. “Try to buy production of local producers - there is a hope that in it there are less preservatives“. Oh - ho - ho, “hopes of young men feed“...

Nutritionists advise to use products which history can be tracked. What does it mean? For example, you know from where to you on a table butter gets (a cow - milk - plant), and margarine? Or we know from where fish, and sprats pate or crabsticks comes? Also it is necessary to buy those products which underwent the smallest extent of processing, that is instead of sausages - chicken or meat, instead of ready salads - fresh products. Of course, it is necessary to spend time for cooking, but at a risk minimum we will reach an advantage maximum.

And all - the fast food began to hand over positions gradually. There are new culinary websites nearly every day, telecasts about food are not less popular now, than football matches, books about healthy food make nearly a half of the book market.

Thousands of people practically passed to self-sufficiency: bake houses the most tasty bread, do cottage cheese and kefir, cook jam and compotes, dry, salt, smoke, pickle. And how many times you were going to throw out the banks which accumulated on a balcony and all - stopped at the last minute. Suddenly will be useful?

Will surely be useful! The intimate century female dream to shift feeding of the family to public catering shoulders will not come true.