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“The first thirty pages define all quality of the book“. Oh, and whether so it?

read very controversial statement Not so long ago about what the first 30 pages solve: whether this book is good, or is not present. In the head the disagreement wave which now and pours out these lines was instantly stirred up. Well, how it is possible to judge the book in general when you read all of some 30 pages? As though I judged it actors, as people, only on their game in cinema or on appearance. For example: “Ooh, you! He so plausibly played the king of elves. I think, actually he is an exemplary family man and madly loves a doggie of the neighbors“. Well, or something like it: “About! It has a beautiful torso and a penetrating voice. I am sure that it helps with real life to all charitable organizations directed to rescue of blue whales“. Unless not nonsense? Well, I agree, the first impression plays not the last role in a final verdict. But as there are a lot of such books which at first cannot tighten, but gradually untwisting actions, entice so that you not in forces then to come off! What is the first 30 pages, in comparison with the whole work? Even if this work consists of 150 pages, then on one heel from the whole picture it is impossible to speak about lack of talent or, on the contrary, about bright talent of the author. Not all are able to begin beautifully, but at the majority it turns out to present to readers the epic end. And it, in my opinion, is much more important. In the same way as it is important to present the main heroes of work by the bright, allocated persons with the not repeated destiny. To show what actually can be human relations, between social groups, between the whole systems of the world. Yes you never know that else the author in the creation can show. Main thing - to bring in this history something special, personal, new. What was not yet. And let, the first 30 pages will leave on reasonings on futility of life of the cook of a royal dynasty. Who knows, suddenly, this girl at the end of work will become a duchess or she will at all be lost somewhere in unexpected turns of the subject line. To estimate, this or that book is how good, it is necessary to read it entirely, and some, perhaps, to re-read not on once. For full estimation of juiciness of fried meat, you have to eat it at first.