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In what a problem - in alcoholism or in indifference?

the Type of the person going the unsteady gait or lying under a bench after the use of “a green serpent“ became for us so habitual that from - for it we forget about another, not less terrible and more and more aggravated problem. To an indifference problem.

I want to tell a moralizing story. At one of schools of the city of N the veteran of the Great Patriotic War worked. Worked hard as the director stretch years. He was very much respected by pupils and teachers. Despite the advanced age, he felt perfectly, every morning did exercises, whenever possible participated in sports competitions.

Once the director went home after work. As usual its way passed by park. The veteran liked to wander in thoughtfulness on park, to stand near a monument to heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Probably, he remembered the fellow soldiers. Here and this time it stopped near a monument.

Suddenly to it it became bad. He sat down on one of shops of park, but it became better for it not, on the contrary, it became so bad that he could not sit already and lay down. So the director lay till late evening. As a result someone called an ambulance, but not to rescue it any more. He died.

“It is a pity for the old man, but and here alcoholism?“ - you will tell. Yes besides that the person lying on a shop habitually is associated at us with the bum and the alcoholic. If the person lies on a shop, then, most likely, he sleeps off after a booze. It became a norm. But unless the fact that for several hours nobody approached the veteran of war is normal, did not ask that he happened to him? Take an interest who, call an ambulance a bit earlier, and you look - the director would be rescued.

In my opinion, indifference - terrible piece. You remember acts of terrorism in the Moscow subway? They are awful and terrible. Bearded uncles, meanly frighten and artfully planned act of terrorism, suicide bombers with an explosive belt frighten, it is ruthless it executing. But most of all the indifference of some mass of the population to these acts of terrorism frightens. People die in the subway? So what? Why not to cut down money on this incident?

Somehow passing by the house, I saw the person lying at an entrance. Having attracted, recognized the drunkard, famous on all yard, uncle Mischa. Probably, he “had a rest“ after the scheduled booze. However the uncle Mischa lay somehow strange. His head was pushed through rods of a ladder lattice. To push the head between them and in sober, and in a state of intoxication it is enough - it is difficult. So the person can fall only after a deadly shot. It was impossible to tell for certain, the uncle Mischa is drunk or dead. Perhaps, it all - is dead-drunk? I somehow felt ill at ease.

Not so long ago I saw one more drunkard. It lay directly in the middle of the most populous city street. The alcoholic at anybody did not look, his eyes were directed directly in the sky, raskinuta hands in different directions, the crutch lay nearby, from a mouth saliva flew. Disgusting show! The human stream bent around the drunkard as the stream bends around a stone. Passersby tried not to pay any attention to the alcoholic.

Unless the person lying in the middle of the street - it is normal? I am sorry if your answer is affirmative.