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From where little princesses undertake?

“Very much I love the daughter, often I speak to her about it, I find for the girl almost all free time. We together walk, we do household chores. Sometimes there is a wish and to indulge the child - to buy something tasty, to encourage the girl for good behavior. Though at our modest income I not often can buy chocolate or expensive candies. But sometimes the behavior of the daughter frightens me and enrages.

She still absolutely small (one and a half years), and behaves as the real aggressor, generally in relation to me. With foreign people my daughter - a pure angel. Sometimes, that strangers can treat my girl with something tasty directly on the street, admire and be touched charming creation. It very much is pleasant to the daughter. It turns into the little princess, such good, lovely, kind. Not the child, and gold. But it is worth coming back home and remaining with “angel“ alone, the girl changes in the eyes - is capricious, shouts and even fights, and then approaches me indifferently, kisses, aches and in every possible way makes up. And how to me to react to such child?“ (Question to the psychologist.)

We will begin one after another. You spend with the daughter together much time. Household chores, joint shopping and other. It is good and correct to attract to it the child. But sometimes happens it is useful to execute timing of events and to look and whether there is this wonderfully spent day time which belongs only to the kid - for example, joint game in cubes or reading the children`s book.

The next moment concerns those vkusnyashka which it is necessary to deserve. And how events will develop in that case if the girl makes a mistake, will not please mother with progress? It is very serious question for the adult. Otherwise from the educational moment gingerbread will turn into a maternal arbitrariness. Mother has to formulate accurately the messages to the child and explain to him in each case what he was mistaken in and what can make for correction of a situation.

Besides, the little person has to have a guarantee that he will earn the reward. Therefore be consecutive. For the child very important are stable and repeating circumstances, leaning on which the kid can speculate with confidence how events will develop. Multiple-pass combinations will become available to it at more advanced age. But already now it is possible to create the base for future stability and confidence of the child. The life of the kid, the more quietly and more safely to him in this world is more clear and predictable.

As for aggression of the child, just it is necessary to observe him and to look at what moments and under what circumstances it reacts aggressively. For example, if it is noticed that the kid begins krichat to be angry in response to mother`s anger, then mother should trying to express the rage a little differently, than it did before. Let`s tell if angry mother broke on shout, then next time it is possible just to knock a fist on a table and to look at reaction of the kid.

It would be desirable to tell several words about the status of the little princess with which mother awarded the daughter. But to be the princess in one and a half years - it is fine. And unfamiliar adults admire your baby for the fact that she just is - the charming little girl.