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Finished badly? To prison...

Who does not want to earn a lot of money - and at once? And whenever possible without making for this purpose special efforts. But, alas, it seldom happens. And here offers to grow rich instantly simply countless multitudes. by

For hazardous people designed some kind of various lotteries, draws, quizes and competitions. To win in them - one chance of one million, but illusive zero in a treasured prize obscure any sensible mind.

Here so happened also to the champion in quantity broken Jack - sweats the resident of the Chernivtsi region, Gennady Teterey who for the love of big money acquired to himself a heap of debts and prison term.

is beautiful to live will not forbid

“I like to live beautifully“, - so justified the debts 57 - summer bukovinets in a pre-trial detention center.

In the past the employee of the airport after retirement understood that the help of the state will not be enough for all its needs, and decided to be engaged in business. It opened firm selling air tickets “Aeroservice“. Affairs went successfully, in a month its office earned 1-2 thousand dollars.

But also to Gennady there was not enough this money. He dreamed of comfortable existence for the children and could not refuse to himself everyday pleasure - expensive cognac. Constantly borrowing money at friends and acquaintances as he spoke, on business development, Gennady saved up a huge debt which time to return came. Without having thought up anything the best, than to get a lot of money and at once, decided to play lotteries.

Cloth ears every day packs bought up tickets. And achieved the: in 2003 the first Jack - sweat in “A national lottery“ - 1 million 600 thousand hryvnias won. Later, being under examination, Gennady will tell that he spent this money for distribution of debts.

Having inspired with the victory over fate, further the player spent almost all the money for purchase of lottery tickets.

As a result there was a goal as a falcon.

But after the first prize was two more. In Poland Gennady Teterya broke in “Lotto“ 3 million zloties (750 thousand dollars) and in Ukraine, having guessed 6 figures in the National lottery, received 3 million 400 thousand hryvnias.

Knowing about victories of bukovinets, people with ease trusted him the money. During the period from 2003 to 2007 Gennady enticed about 2,5 million dollars at trustful friends and lowered all this money for game.

It borrowed usually people who sold real estate or returned from - for borders.

One of deceived tells: “Cloth ears as if possessed hypnosis, with such ease convinced to lend money when asked, there were no forces to it to refuse“. At first he asked to borrow it means to redeem office at which its Aeroservice firm worked. But, as it appeared later, this room in principle could not be bought as it belonged to Medical academy and was state ownership.

Later at one of victims Gennady bought lottery tickets for the sum of 40 thousand dollars under realization, did not sell any, their filled everything - and... won nothing.

Except these two creditors, Cloth ears managed to nazanimat money at 25 people is only those who addressed to militia. According to investigators, victims was much more. Knowing about Jack - sweats, victims bore Teter blood for promises to repay a debt with big percent and to provide free tickets in the different ends of the world.

When the day of reckoning, a grief came - the player told that it behind soul has no he not a stiver. So it also appeared. With despair Gennady even tried to burn himself, having poured over acetone, in the crowded place in Chernivtsi, but it managed to be rescued. Two compassionate women who walked on park that day when Gennady decided to commit suicide quickly extinguished fire on the instigator and called an ambulance.

After the Cloth ears were treated in hospital, he began to disappear from creditors in the Chernivtsi regional narcological clinic, and went later to lunatic asylum from where he got into a pre-trial detention center. Psychiatric examination recognized it healthy.

It was necessary to be responsible for tricks of the husband to the wife. She suggested furious crowd of the deceived citizens to take away everything that is from the apartment. And now in once smartly arranged housing there was only one TV which costs on a pile of books, and a backpack with things. Even forks with spoons took out from the house. Perhaps, would sell also the apartment, but from - for the fact that the minor granddaughter of Gennady is registered in it, cannot make it.

Today the wife Teteri even to it does not go to prison for offense that it so dishonored a family. Once they were considered as rich and dear people in the city. They had everything: both the two-room apartment, and the Foltsvagen - Pastes car, and shop, and firm, and two three-room apartments still acquired for children.

Where Gennady put the borrowed money, he does not tell. Law enforcement authorities assume that the part of money was taken away by his son Andrey. He is wanted now. As close friends 30 - the summer guy tell, he always dreamed to construct hotel on the island in the Caribbean Sea and to remain to live there.

prize Numerology

At bukovinets was the system of game to which he trusted as it brought it a victory more than once.

- It is necessary to consider numbers of the previous circulation - they very often repeat in the following. Then it is necessary to add to them key figures, - Gennady Efimovich told the investigator. - Key I call those which did not win long ago. As a rule, I am lucky in unpaired days of month - 3, 5, 7, 17 and 31 numbers.

But, having smiled to three times, the fate decided to turn away from Cloth ears forever.

What is told by psychologists?

According to many psychologists, good luck for the person who won the large sum - the most severe stress. Sharp change of the social status is problematic, and such people often behave inadequately. But that this “trouble“ in comparison with daily poverty!

Therefore many try to escape from poverty again and again, having bought the lottery ticket. And successful players are united by two things - now they believe in good luck and continue to gamble with the state.