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Whether there is an advantage in a shish kebab?

With approach of summer, and together with it warm, can even be told hot days there was more opportunity to get out to the nature with the family and friends. So-called picnic - it a remarkable occasion will enjoy a pleasant and tasty shish kebab. Perhaps, not easy to find the person who would not love this dish.

According to some information, recipes of pickling of a shish kebab in the world there are more than 500 what to tell about the dish. Meat of pork, mutton, beef, chicken can be the main component of a shish kebab, besides recipes of preparation of a fish shish kebab are known, and inveterate vegetarians like to cook this vegetables dish.

In response to a popular belief that fried meat is harmfully, some nutritionists are ready to object. If the shish kebab is correctly pickled and prepared, with its help it is possible to derive not only flavoring pleasure, but also advantage for health.

The main accent which should be made to receive the correct shish kebab are spices in which meat will be pickled. They help to neutralize successfully carcinogens which are formed in fried meat. And still vegetables therefore many dietitians advise have the same effect to prepare a meat shish kebab with vegetables.

Neither mayonnaise, nor ketchup as marinade will bring benefit nor to you, nor meat therefore it is better to forget about them. Natural spices best of all will be suitable for this business: salt, black pepper, garlic, fennel and other spicy herbs.

At the time of preparation it is necessary to watch that the shish kebab did not burn slightly and it was not overroasted.

Nutritionists consider as plus in preparation of a shish kebab that it does not prepare on oil and does not adjoin to the frying surface therefore it is much more useful to health, than the meat fried in house conditions.

The most tasty meat for a shish kebab pork is considered, but it, unfortunately, is not the most useful. Much more valuable qualities in beef shish kebab. But it is worth remembering one important condition: meat for such dish should be taken young, otherwise, you just will be tired to wait when your delicacy at last prepares on fire.

There is also a house-keeper - the option is a chicken shish kebab. By the way, just it will also not add to you excess centimeters on a waist as it can occur at the use of pork.

And still it would be desirable to note from himself that the dish which brings us flavoring pleasure cannot be harmful in principle.

the Recipe of preparation of a chicken shish kebab

will be required to

For preparation: 0,5 glasses of juice of a lemon and a lime, 0,5 glasses of honey, 1 teeth of garlic, chicken meat - 500 g, sweet pepper of various flowers (it should be cut pieces on 2,5 cm).

Marinade should be prepared from equal proportions of a lemon, a lime and honey, and also to add garlic. To fill in the received mix in a package of chicken and to send all this to the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Chicken already for half an hour in such marinade will be ready to frying on coals. It is necessary to string meat serially with sweet pepper. Average time for frying from 8 to 10 minutes.

Bon appetit!