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What women dream of? A monologue of a bulb of an incandescence of

I cannot … I cannot so more! Darkly. All the time is dark. Well, at least light ray in this dark kingdom! I am given birth for light. To shine always, to shine everywhere, about days of the last of a standard socle. This - mine. Really it is not clear: this, is mine! But not to lie hundred years somewhere in the dark and dust in any cold warehouse. Is not present

, I will not sustain. Such tortures and that are joint stock company long. And the most important - how many? How many still?!

This old stupid person … Packing. At me the impression begins to develop that it and … Knows nothing! On all questions - one, the teeth on edge, the answer which already rather set. Standard:

- Wait. Be necessary - will come for you, will get.

“Wait“ … It is easy to tell. It is difficult to make. And so we wait for everything, we wait … How many it is possible!

It it is good. It is one. And us … Hundred twenty! In one standard Packing. And at the left. And to the right of me. And above. And below. All right normal Bulbs would be. With standard characters. And that … They are aky du - ura!

Here, this, which under me. To it all - on a safety lock. With whom together … Where to shine. To in total it … To a bulb! Though how to shine, it is possible and not to ask it. Power at all of us here - face value and marking. Identical.

On the right the neigbour - so everything dreams of the prince charming. With foreign, it is desirable European, roots.

- Ah, Torahs - Cher … Maun Cher … My darling of Torahs of Cher!

Silly woman. Short-circuited, it is visible, at it somewhere. Perhaps at the test bench. Or perhaps earlier. On the conveyor.

That, which at the left, so in general … Anxious just some. Always! And it is unimportant - with whom. To it that Lamp that Lamp shade that Plafond. If only in trousers was.

No, I cannot more … Sometimes I have a suspicion that we in this damned Australia were abandoned. As pilot lot. All right, on ignorance. And if on evil intention?

Enemies of the people. Around one enemies! Dirty tricks mean bearing in poisoned with what abstruse ravings brains. They. For sure - they! With fierce hatred and wild rage …

What ignorance? Any Glow lamp is aware, - joint stock company they of us there, in Australia this, hate. To them, you see the Daylight give!

By the way …

- Babonki … Who in courses, what now year behind Packing?

So also knew. Nothing is necessary to anybody. Just some indifference. And if 2010 - y? They to this term assumed to carry out general fluorescence * all country? As though that Day will help them. Will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by four million tons. What gases? Yes I am soldered! Also I have no gases there! Vacuum … And if where what hole, so that is not from me. On the contrary, atmospheric gases will go to me, and then - death!

Death. If … If behind Packing already - the tenth. Day - won against that. All of us … in junk!

No, I am better … Itself I will take the own life. Here, right now! Only … Why people speak - “to impose hands“. Well, imposed - put the hands - petals. And what? The tungsten thread only developed. And it - has to tear! In order that tore, not to put. It is necessary to part! Perhaps people lie all? Or are confused?. From the ignorance.

And can … Honestly. Better - to blow up! Then … My splinters - as petals of roses on water in a bathroom - on all Packing. So beautifully … And it is romantic!

But to blow up, tension is necessary. And with someone together. One - in any way! I cannot …

What?. What is it?! Get?. Me?. I am got! Open a box … Light-…

Serviceable. Serviceable I! Already checked …

Well that you?. Where - and? It is not necessary! Why back?. I to shine … I want to shine!

Bear … Perhaps to it? To Torahs to Sher … Here, took a bite? It mine! Mine will be. Get … What - oo? . Not - et! Me. Such light … Air … To this black not washed yokel Patron?!

Faugh - uu … And dust … Raise dust - that how many! Such impression that here anything … At all nothing is known about rules of personal hygiene! And in such situation to shine? To shine … Better I would die yesterday. Still there, in Packing …

A it? What do you do?! Pi … Pisayete?. Here that? Toilet? Man`s?! But I … I am wives - Russian cabbage soup - on! Mother … Rodya me back. On the conveyor …

of the Explanation of the author:

1. Since 2010 in Australia restrictions for use of glow lamps are introduced (a source - “Wikipedia“, article “The glow lamp). The federal government of Australia unveiled the plan of gradual refusal of use of glow lamps and their replacement for all country by more power-intensive and compact fluorescent bulbs. Australia, according to the minister of environmental protection Malkolm Turnbull, takes this step first-ever (a source - “News“, on February 20, 2007).

2. Fluorescence - one of types of a luminescence which is characterized by fast attenuation of a luminescence after the excitement termination.