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What drinks will not rescue during a heat?

Wild feeling of thirst, slight dizziness, weakness and tachycardia - all this symptoms of dehydration of an organism. With arrival of summer and together with it heats the need of our organism for water increases many times.

Each person has especially favourite drinks which he takes during a hot season. Whether but everything they can restore our reeled water balance, or, maybe, there are those which on the contrary - do harm to our organism?

We will begin a minirating with drinks which are least desirable for using in the summer.

it do not recommend to drink Lemonade from - for high content in it of sugar which the feeling of thirst not that does not reduce, and increases several times. According to a number of researches, one bottle of carbonated drink contains standard daily rate of sugar (for the ordinary person it is an indicator should not exceed 50 grams a day). Well and the chemistry which began to be used completely in production of a shipuchka, does not add to drink of pluses.

All aforesaid, of course, does not concern the lemonade made in house conditions.

Grant Beer to

, it is impossible to tell with confidence that it is worse in it - alcohol or a huge number of calories. Doctors say that during a heat it is impossible to use more than two bottles of intoxicated nectar. If this norm is exceeded, then to fans of beer not to pass a hungover syndrome. Well, and as for calories, on streets of our country it is possible to admire incessantly results of their use in the form of beer tummies. On beer our waist grows, by leaps and bounds, and to whom it is necessary?


could and be not included its

in this list as in due form the prepared kvass really possesses big adipsous ability. And all thanks to the fact that it contains carbonic acid. It is necessary to notice: in Russia considered that by means of kvass it is possible to get rid of a cholera vibrio and a typhus stick. And what is told by modern doctors? In their opinion, kvass is fine antidepressant.

There are so much pluses in this drink! It would seem, it can be drunk and drunk. But All aforesaid does not concern at all bottle kvass which is sold in shops now. The modern industry turned this curative drink containing more than 10 amino acids (from them 8 irreplaceable), into a substitute which in fact reminds lemonade about which it is written above, and differs only in color and taste.


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B, perhaps, there is nothing bad, except sugar. Only only from - for it our organism cannot be saturated with reviver much. Therefore whenever possible it is better to replace it with juice (by the way, doctors advise during a heat to part them with usual water).

What will rescue from a heat?

First of all it is, of course, mineral water. One more excellent zhazhdoustranyayushchy means is hot tea. It is better if it is green. Fermented milk products are less effective in fight against a heat. It is good to satisfy thirst with juice. Plum, cornel, grapefruit, cherry or tomato juice will be suitable for these purposes. we Cook for

lemonade in house conditions

For the cooling drink is required to us: 6 lemons, boiled water - 8 glasses, sugar.

From six lemons it is necessary to squeeze out a glass of juice, then to pour out it in two-liter capacity. There to add 8 glasses of the cooled boiled water and a sugar cup. Lemonade should be disturbed before its full dissolution. It is possible to add several slices of a lemon to the received drink.

Bon appetit!